League One predictions ~ Part 2

League 1 Predictions – Part 2

Having previewed the 7 newcomers in part one of my League One predictions, it’s now time to look at 3 other teams; Blackpool, Oxford United and Doncaster Rangers.


They’ve really been through the mill, a complete twat of an owner has finally left and hopefully things are looking up for them? Despite last seasons turmoil, they looked half decent, so they will be hoping to challenge next season.

Blackpool is popular with Scotch people for holidays, whilst this seems bizarre ~ it perhaps backs up a recent Government Survey that Scotchland is a shithole full of pisscans.

a man in a kilt asleep on a railing, league one predictions
Scotch people ~ always pissed
Scotch people ~ always steaming drunk

Famous fans include lead singer of 80’s boy band The Cure

Robert Smith ~ shit hair

SAFCBLOG PREDICTS ~ 6th, (Play offs)


Oxford is famous for having a University ~ but that’s no big deal, as Sunderland also has a University!

a picture of a university
Doxford Park, SR1 3SD

Oxford is also famous for The Boat Race, (posh blokes in canoes).

The University boasts a rich list of celebrity students, including posh film star Hugh Grant.

So Liz Hurley is at home putting the tea on…… strange move Hugh?

Famous for being fat and perhaps pretending to fall off a boat, Robert Maxwell was once the Oxford chairman.

Saw them twice last year, both ended in 1~1 draws, (who’d have though it?) ~ they looked average, In my League One predictions I can’t imagine them being involved at either end of the table?

Obviously things can change, selfie king Stewart Donald may fancy buying the club once he’s cashed in at wonderland?



Doncaster were desperately poor at the SOL, but finished 6th and to be fair they were very unlucky not to beat Charlton Academicals. A lot will hinge on them keeping John Marquis, but hard to imagine them bettering last seasons finish?

Unfortunately Doncaster is in South Yorkshire, but it has a decent train station and loads of celebrities hail from the town.

Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gun fame hails from the town, he’s famous for being right angry fucker and his banter is off the scale ~ peaking with his suggestion that all lorry drivers murder sex workers.

Kevin Keegan is from Doncaster. He’s famous for being completely wound up by Fergie…..

“I would love it, love it if we beat them… they’ve got to go to Middlesbrough and we are still fighting”
league one predictions, a picture of a spaniel that looks like Keegan
“Wor Kev”

Whilst famous for being a footballer and a failed football manager, Keegan’s fame is not just restricted to association football…..

A picture of a Range Rover, league one predictions
A Range Rover in a lay by, (completely empty ~ 100% no men or boys in it)

Long before Ant and Dec, there was Keegan and Beardsley



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