League One predictions ~ part 3

Having already looked at 10 of the 23 League One teams (part 1 and part 2 here) today we look at 3 more teams in our League One predictions.


They beat us on the last day to survive, (we weren’t arsed). It’s miles away, like a journey to London, but with nothing good to do when you get there. The Pier famously featured in 80’s drama ‘Minder’, a show about wrong uns that glorified violence.

league one Denis Waterman
Minder… Denis Waterman ~ hard as nails

Long before Stan Collymore shot to fame for dogging and hitting Ulrika, he played for Southend United.

No idea who is their manager now, but it used to be Phil Brown

A picture of Phil Brown features in our league one predictions
Phil Brown….. “orange is the new brown’

Reckon they’ll be ok next season, without coming anywhere near challenging the top 6 in League One.



Played them 3 times last year and beat them 3 times, whilst you’d expect anyone not managing a 1~1 draw against us to be shite, they looked pretty good at the SOL. Unsure whether they have any plans to move to new ground, but it would be a good idea? The town is famous for having 2 main train stations which is much more confusing than it should be when planning travel.

As luck would have it, there’s loads of famous folk from Bristol, I’d imagine most support City not Rovers, but they’re not in our division.

Justin Lee Collins, (right). Quite funny ~ unless you’re the victim of his harassment? Like loads of funny but strange looking people, his wife is fitter than you’d expect.
Depeche Mode a league one band
Depeche Mode ~ fantastic band
Roy Cropper ~ “I’m telling you Roy, look at the size of her fucking hands?”
Ron Hull, (right).
Jeffred Archer, (right)

The fantastic Massive Attack also hailed from Bristol.



Shrewsbury is absolutely fucking miles from anywhere decent, the town is famous for not knowing whether they are English or Welsh. The town is in England, but they won the Welsh Cup in 1979, 1980, 1984 & 1985. I reckon they might do ok next year, and they looked ok both times we played them last season. Most people who live in Shrewsbury are fat and wear tweed coats.

We all remember where we were for the ‘Twin Towers’, ‘Lennon being shot’, ‘Lady Diane dying’ ……. AND for people in their 40’s…… “WHEN IN 1983 SOME FUCKING BAD ASSES VANDALISED THE BLUE PETER GARDEN!!!!”

“Percy Thrower ~ Shrewsbury royalty”

Micheal Palin is from Shrewsbury, he used to be funny which is good. Although I’m not sure that going round the world, (basically on a long 5 star holiday), is a huge achievement in the modern age?

Michael Palin