League One predictions ~ part 4

Almost there…. 13 teams already covered (read here), another 5 predictions in this article ~ exciting times. First up…..


Started last season shite, finished well, got a good manager. I expect them to be really strong next year. The town is famous for making beer.

SAFCBLOG PREDICTS ~ 2nd (Promoted)


Not very good last year, drew with them 1~1 twice, (fancy that eh?). Manager looks like a gypsy and they were brutal at their gaff ~ would like to see them relegated, but can’t see that happening.

“Massive Attack…… fat is the new fit? Some fat Mexican beat AJ the other night!”

Wycombe is a hotbed for pop stars, Ian Drury, Howard Jones, Dusty Springfield all hail from Wycombe.

Howard Jones…. “wherever I lay my hat, that’s my house”
Dusty Springfield ~ famous for writing the sitcom‘Downtown Abbey”

Fat mega star James Corden also hails from Wycombe, he was slightly famous for being a fool in a Welsh sitcom ~ then he seemed to become really famous.

James Corden OBE
“Alrighttttt Gavla”

They are average in a poor league



Conceded 8 goals in 2 games against us last season ~ managed to stay up; but think they are doomed this time round?

Gillingham is in Kent, which like Essex ~ just means it’s fucking miles away but no where near as good as London.

Fat singer Rik Waller is from Gillingham

Rik Waller
Clutching at straws here ~ cook, Gary Rhodes is from Gillingham

SAFCBLOG PREDICTS ~ 22nd, (Relegated)


Like Rotherham, Rochdale is famous for grooming. Beat them twice last year, (albeit a bit lucky at their place). Survival will be a good result from them, especially if local rivals Bury go down as predicted by SAFCBLOG.

Serial sex offender Sir Cyril Smith hails from the town, he was big mates with Leeds United Ambassador Sir Jimmy Savile.

Horrible fat nonce

If I was to choose my top 3 people who I didn’t want to babysit, Cyril would feature…. Anna Friel is from Rochdale too…..

Anna Friel pictured in predictions nightclub
‘Babysitter required ~ lift home no problem. Contact safcblog1@gmail.com for more details ~ hours to suit, work uniform provided’

Reckon they will be ok, (just!)



Fantastic story and triumph against the evils of modern football. They battered us at their place and we somehow won 2~1. They looked doomed at the turn of the year, but the appointment of Wally Downes proved inspired. Downes is nails, add to this Vinny Jones, Mick Hartford, John Fashanu, Lawrie Sanchez ~ their 5 a~side legends team must be a bit tasty?

Predictions......Wimbledon will play here this season
Plough Lane ~ home of the Dons
picture of Terry and Jane making predictions
70’s sitcom hottie Jane Whitfield, (right), was from Wimbledon

They’ll be strong next season