League One predictions ~ Part 1

League One Predictions ~ Part 1

Welcome to the first of 5 blog posts that will look at the other 23 teams and give my League One predictions for next season. For the gamblers reading, my League One predictions are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. First up, we look at the 7 newcomers to the league.


Genuinely worry for them, they are like we were this time last year without the takeover. They had a good manager and have since replaced him with 2 less good managers. The best they can hope for is stability I reckon. Loads of famous fans which is always good for the blog….. Alan Bernard Brazil
Alan Brazil ~ pisscan
John Peel A real hero of mine, New Order, The Fall, The Undertones, The Wedding Present, The Duriti Column, A Certain Ratio…….. John, thank you from a generation. ‘If you know, you know’ Georgie Bingham Some real shite on TalkSport, but Georgie is…. quite fit, decent presenter, loves golf. Lots of positives there.

Could be a long season ~ got to go with two upfront?

Steve Wright Lorry driver famous for killing women, known as the Suffolk Strangler.

SAFC Blog predicts ~ 14th place


A town famous for steel, coal mining and grooming; the team has probably found its level in L1? Rotherham is in South Yorkshire, which is a bit worse than West Yorkshire and a lot worse than North Yorkshire. Celebrity fans are the Chuckle Brother.

“Just hold this love, while I take a photo…….”

League One Predictions

New York Stadium Rotherham

SAFC Blog predicts ~ 12th place


Fantastic old club, sadly the jobs fucked. Minus points and all manner of shit going on. I’m in the Jack Ross camp, but if the new owners do see fit to get rid of him… Phil Parkinson of Bolton would be my preferred appointment ~ lives local(ish), wouldn’t break the bank etc.
“Phil Parkinson ~ bang average player but a decent manager”
Bolton got loads of famous fans….. Sir Philip of Collins

“Need an answer Phil, how cold is it?? Do I need an overcoat of any sort?”

“Our survey says………pest”

Paddy McGuiness Unfunny half of comedy duo with Vernon Kay.

SAFC Blog predicts – 23rd (relegated)


Zero history. No one gives a shit.

SAFC Blog predicts ~ 17th place


Not much happens in Bury, they’ve not got many fans who don’t support Man City, but their fans shot to fame in the 90’s for bravely assaulting female supporters of York City. A group of normally finely dressed men, ditched said threads and donned charity shop dresses a few years later before heading to the Packhorse Public House for a quiet drink. The late father of the Neville Bothers, Neville Neville was the Chairman for a bit. How such a name happens I’m bemused ~ can understand it with a lady?

“Tracey Tracey of The Primitives, their biggest hit was “Crash”, which was an ode to the London Stock Exchange Dips of 2004 and 2008”

SAFC Blog predicts ~ 24th (relegated)


After back to back promotions, stability will be considered a success. Never sure whether they are scousers are not? But proper club and a great away day ~ good to see them back. Celebrity fans a plenty once again Super ref Mike Dean

Mike Dean ~ you’d be smiling if you’d had a go on Babs Windsor in her prime?

Half Man Half Biscuit “Everyones Christmas wish list?” (Another one for the youngsters!?)

SAFC Blog predicts ~ 11th place


Proper dark horse ~ League One predictions, for Lincoln think Luton. Playing these in the 1st month of the season would be a bad thing. Solid infrastructure, good young manager(s)

SAFC Blog predicts ~ 5th place (play offs)

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