League One – The Show Must Go……

Sunderland not playing today because they’ve caught COVID, pretty sure it would have been a 1-1 draw, nothing more to add.

So it’s 3pm and we’ve entered a new SAFC Tier, we’ve gone from Tier 3, (shite), where we are not allowed to go to the match, to SAFC Tier 3+, (even worse), where we are not not even allowed to not go to the match. Even though we aren’t playing the L1 Roadshow rolls on. I’m genuinely worried the season is going to grind to a halt, as well as SAFC, Bristol Rovers and Peterborough United now have COVID too and there’s reports that Pompey are feeling a bit under the weather. Football is hugely important to lots of us, it’s exciting, it’s an escape, it’s not real life etc….. of course it’s all of these things, but it’s not totally detached from the real world an sadly things are a bit shit in the real world at present?

Haves United 2, (Kardashian, 22, Windsor 56) vs Have Not Rovers 1, (O Twist 76)

Whilst SAFC have decided to have a break from Premier League football, it’s a fantastic league, it has untold riches…. as you move down the pyramid the football gets worse and the numbers get smaller. I’ve no problem with that, it’s just how things are, I’ve got a nicer car than same of my mates, but some have a nicer car than me. Premier League football has returned, it seems safe and it’s working, this is no doubt due to the strict, (and very costly), protocols in place.

Premier League – Cash Rich and great facilities

I really, really hope I’m wrong, but 3 League one teams are not able to fulfil their fixtures at present, Rotherham have just called off their Championship game at the last moment. It’s not a criticism of anyone involved, but the outlook doesn’t look good.

Football and staying 2m apart …… not easy

I’m not pointing the finger, I just worry that in a game such as football it is impossible to control the spread of this horrible virus? Bristol Rovers and Peterborough played Darlington and Chorley in the FA  Cup a couple of weeks ago, they are both part time and in Conference North, the Chorley gaffer is a Headteacher. A sanitised game is feasible in the Premiership, I’m not sure the same applies as you head down the pyramid?

FA Cup Sunday, back to work Monday

League 1 today……

How bad must Rochdale be? 1-1 draw at Accrington? Charlton to win 2-1?
Fleetwood will hammer Wigan? Wimbledon were better than Crewe at the SOL…. 11/4 a massive price? Lincoln will win?
Donny will beat Burton? Plymouth vs MK….. what’s the point?

Hopefully my pessimistic outlook is an inaccurate as my score predictions will no doubt be?

“As you can see from the graphs, there’s more chance of Barry Bennell being named Sports Personality of the Year than this virus disappearing?”
Happy Fucking Christmas

SAFCBlog – Piss Poor Pessimistic Pandemic Media – FTM

Hopefully I’m wrong and the season will progress as planned……

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