Leicester u21 match preview

The remit of this blog is to preview and review every game as a bare minimum, I almost forgot, but tomorrow’s game is a 1st team game – so better write something. The priority is obviously promotion, but our squad is big enough to handle games like tomorrow night. We dodged a bullet by losing at Oxford, (getting mullered by Man City in a half empty stadium on tv would have been horrible).

We will no doubt take the opportunity to make a number of changes, but it’ll be good to see some of the younger lads. It’ll also give Ozturk and DeBock a run out. Whilst it’s the Under 21s, Leicester will no doubt offer a bit of quality – that said, SAFCBlog predicts a 2-0 win for the lads.

Full match report as usual online at www.safcblog.com within 24 hours. Should be a reasonable crowd, (10’000?), which is remarkable really?

Loads of famous folk from Leicester;

Leicester U21 Match Preview
Anna Burdzy – former Miss GB and semi finalist on Miss Universe
Leicester U21 Match Preview
Englebert Humperdinck – serial shagger

David Icke, the self proclaimed Son of God, (no less believable than Jesus?), also hails from Leicester.

Bonfire Night tomorrow, (Will Grigg hat trick?….. more chance of David Icke being the Son of God)

Happy Bonfire Night



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