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Not long now…. I’m 50, anyone of my age or thereabouts won’t have seen us win at Wembley? I think we will beat Wycombe, I really do, thats the plan, but there’s no such thing as a script in live sport…..

Shirley we beat these lower league jobbers?”


It could happen…… please God, (**), no

Writing each day about SAFC is as equally challenging as it is for those who read this shite….

Picture heavy tonight, but following the SAFCBlog Census sent out recently, (cheers Kris & Garry), there was a strong desire for more graphs…

All pretty straight forward….. any questions, I’ll be on Wembley Way pre match Saturday


Wembley week ✅ > graph paper ✅ > deluxe pack of pens ✅
“right….. these are not biscuits….. these are deluxe pens….”
“Comprendi fat head?”

I was 1 years old in 1973…… but I genuinely think this is the time…… we’re all getting younger?

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