Life is a Coronacoaster

**STATEMENT** We’ve had 3 months to make a fair, ethical decision; but sadly we are weak as piss **STATEMENT ENDS**
Of the 4 teams only Portsmouth had the integrity to vote to play on, hopefully they are rewarded with promotion. Wycombe voted not to play??? Must have changed their minds?

The Return of Football…..

……. or at least in the 2 leagues where money is the main factor. I’ve zero interest in watching Premiership and League 1 games in empty stadiums – what’s the point of playing in stadiums? Just play at the training ground or down the park?

Watch Behind Closed Doors Football? …. I’d rather go to a Pool Party at Mikes gaff!

The Curse of SAFCBlog?

Its no secret that Sunderland are a complete Clusterfuck of a Club, but fucking hell – my track record is a worry?

League 1 Misery……

Said plenty on this already……

Perfectly fair??? Rotherham were out of sight anyway? “Oh and Peterborough…. sorry we’re shafting you…. no hard feelings eh?”
“There’s no way Tranmere could survive and anyway MK and Wimbledon have been besties for years?

The National League Nonsense……

Barnet have a new ground, sadly their pitch is shite. They had loads of games called off due to said pitch, fixture congestion beckons???

Pitch is shit…. bu they’ll get their comeuppance when they are hit with fixture congestion???
“Errrrrr, can someone give Stockport a ring and tell them they’re not in the playoffs….. Barnet are taking their place……..errrr, Barnet are fucking 11th……..yeah but teams always win their games in hand?”

National League North Numpties…….

On the off chance anyone reads regularly they will be aware of my love for York City. Languishing in the 6th tier is the equivalent for them as SAFC being in the 3rd tier. Sadly level 6 take tinpottery to a whole new level? It’s been 3 months since the League was suspended and it seems they only realised yesterday that only the top 5 divisions can have playoffs for an incomplete season! Honestly… you couldn’t write it?

Simple Formula – Top team is promoted **. (** unless the team in 2nd have played less games, even if they have only won once in the last 6 games)


No one could accuse the Scotch Authorities of taking too long to make a decision? They couldn’t wait to crown Dublin Celtics as Champions….. you’d have to think they’d have found a way to make this the outcome regardless?

Should have been based on the most recent result between the top 2?

Strange unprecedented times indeed ……. but what a mess?

SAFCBlog – Only Average, But Morally Strong – FTM


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