Life Without Football

Life without football

Life without football

Football ‘off the menu‘

As discussed in detail previously, football doesn’t matter at present… stay safe and be kind. Hopefully the Nation will get the hang of the seriousness and need for isolation, sooner rather than later? But that’s enough of that, various new channels are offering coverage of the situation.

The current plan is to finish the season, although I’m sure there’s twists and turns to come in the coming months? For now our march towards  certain automatic promotion, is on hold …..

Life without football
Sheffield United – League 1 Champions 4 years ago – Champions League next season!……… ‘Red and white Adidas kit, English gaffer born in 1967’. By my reckoning SAFC should be in the Champions League by 2024?

Steve Parkin Interview update…..

Questions coming in thick and fast, (well 1 so far), anymore questions for the SAFC Assistant Manager to please.

Steve Parkin life without football

SAFC in Isolation

Very little SAFC happening at present, on the 01 April Netflix launch STID Series 2. Given the nation is craving football, the viewing figures will be massive. SAFCBlog will watch, but I’m not really looking forward to reliving another year of misery under the gaze of the nation.

“Relive the misery of last season in the comfort of your own home”

Something much better to watch

Genius is often flawed, the best player in my lifetime is 100% Diego Maradona. Even if we weren’t devoid of a football fix at present, the film ‘Maradona’, (on your TV free from last night), is absolutely fantastic.

…… he went to one of the poorest cities in the world….. and….Dreams Came True

Staying Sane……

Unchartered times, it’s goes without saying compassion, integrity, kindness, common sense, listening etc ….are pivotal in the next few months? But a huge factor is humour…..Twitter has been class this week, after citing aspects of it as vitriolic in the past, the lunacy will help to see us through….



Life without football SAFC Blog
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Life Without Football @GoldieFTM @Charlie65600364 @stevew_pfc @steveovo3 @jonstokoe @Yorktone @YfrontFanzine @bet4bettor @LadSunder @OuthwaiteG85…

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Life Without Football …

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