Lincoln 2 vs Morecambe 1, SAFCBlog on the road

No game for us today, SAFCBlog decided to get it’s football fix with a trip to Lincoln⚽️

Dish of the Kris Day

Difficult day yesterday, I broke it to Grindons King of Food, that I have been vegetarian for 6 months, stuck to my guns, but I did have a dirty breakfast Kris

Trips to Lincoln

Having not played them for a long time, we’ve been there plenty over the last few years…. Huge believer in looking forward not back, but….


Desperate day, could have been 0-5, whilst Jack Ross hung on for week or so, this was a 30° softwash too far, his time was pretty much up after this debacle?

Terrible performance gfrvrrrRrr be.


Played great, game behind closed, (COVID), doors, went anyway✅


Played shit, Play off game with no away fans, went anyway✅


Pizza cup, allowed to go✅

Played well, did everything but score?


Sat Nav 1 vs Lincolnshire 1, (just loads of very quiet, straight, flat roads)
Always seems to be wet on a Saturday morning☔️
Louis delighted to have secured the Boyband Category for X-Factor 2022💥

Given we were hosted by Lincoln’s Finest, we were’t quite neutral, but always strange to go to a game not a complete bag of nerves?

The match

Job done✅🔴⚪️⚽️✅

Lincoln deserved to win, Morecambe in deep trouble but looked half decent, really good game 2nd half⚽️

Jack Diamond watch

Whether he has a career at SAFC remains to be seen, but he had a good game, aside from the number 18, he was probably the best player on the pitch.

Jack, (2nd right), ❤️⚽️♦️

World Cup Weekend

Just bizarre that it starts tomorrow? Spent the day with a load of proper football fans and no one is arsed? I guess once it starts, it may pick up some momentum? Ultimately Qatar isn’t a football nation, (it’s not even a nation really), it’s just crackers – the venue was corruptly agreed about 8 years ago, and the day before they are prescribing fan rules and that knobbier from FIFA is having a shocker in the news conference?

Just all feels a bit tinpot, but it’s happening, I’m giddy for the England games obviously, wallchart sorted, (got it up on Friday), so I’m as onboard with the tournament as I can be⚽️
Big day of footie on Friday, 4 games and England at 7pm, proper fucking day✅ We playing some Arabs at 1pm too, we’ve all be rightly critical of NUFC, it makes me sad to see our boys in the video last night that’s online💔 Ha’way, we’re better than that boys?

Qatar kick the tournament off tomorrow, 7/4 looks like buying money? There’s no way that brown envelopes haven’t facilitated a Qatar win tomorrow?

Millwall soon

Giddy already⚽️💥✅🔴⚪️⚽️

I’d had feared a 5 week break, we play Millwall in 2 weeks, whilst it’ll feel like a long 2 weeks, it’s sooner than I’d expected. Result that it’s a 12.30pm kick off too, as it’s the SAFCBlog Christmas Party that night, so the early kick off is a bonus❤️⚽️✅🍕🍺

Twitter 0 vs Twatter 1, (Musk, E)

I’m not massively IT literate, I like Twitter a lot, the lads I met today are people I met through Twitter, I’ve made some really good connections through Twitter. Lots of talk that Musk is ruining it, I actually think it’ll be fine. He’s no mug, he’s paid £44 billion, it’ll be fine.

SAFCBlog – Unsocial Social Media Systems – FTM

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