Lockdown Primera League Tuesdays


It’s 13 weeks since Boris said we weren’t allowed to win at Blackpool….

Loads of Sunderland games I’d like to forget….. ghost games a whole new world!

Tomorrow night football is back, SKY keep telling me that it’s going to be brilliant, I suspect it’ll be shite. It’ll be interesting to see how the lack of crowds impacts on teams….. for me, Watford led by Pearson, Burnley led by Dyche and Sheff U led by Wilder will be worth a punt most weeks? These 3 teams strike me as strong, close knit, well led groups and I don’t think it’ll affect them as much as weaker groups, (West Ham, Spurs, Everton etc) – Game of Opinions as always….

Great Voice, Great Manager


Not all football is back, but to be fair to the relevant powers that be, they have all communicated with statements……

STATEMENT ** Once it’s possible, we will endeavour to complete our seasons, behind closed doors is not ideal, but it’s needs must and sporting integrity is key. We also have a load of cash and a product that people wish to engage with, so let’s crack on** STATEMENT ENDS
STATEMENT ** ermm, we’ve delayed as long as we can. There’s only really 2 choices, but we are weak as piss and can’t make a decision, so we’ve had a vote and the clubs have voted for what suits them. We’ve fucked Tranmere over and we’ve gone against all that sport should be ** STATEMENT ENDS
STATEMENT ** OK, we’ll level with you…….. we genuinely don’t have a fucking Scooby Doo ** STATEMENT ENDS
STATEMENT **theres nee point playin fitbal if we cannae get pished? We didnae want Rangers ta win the league anywae – ya ken me wee man? ** STATEMENT ENDS

Obviously a Global Pandemic is a bit of an inconvenience, further down the league pyramid there was injustice a plenty – but more understandable as there’s literally zero cash at these levels


A few weeks ago I was fairly vocal that it was irresponsible to stage Premier League matches. This was based on the way we consume football, given that mass gatherings are happening all over…. Westminster, Primark, the Seaside etc. I don’t see why we shouldn’t just crack on and play? Two wrongs don’t make a right……. but one wrong added to loads of wrongs won’t make much of a difference? Mass Gathering analysis of opinions as always……


Obviously Jordan Henderson is going to win the league and deservedly so. I hope that something totally unpredictable happens somewhere along the line…… just to reinforce the point that Football cannot be predicted and has to be played to be proper football. Fulham catching Leeds for example.

SAFCBlog will be back in a few days with more cutting edge analyse. Slightly less prolific at the moment, but it’s not easy writing a Football Blog when there’s no football! Added to this I’m obviously keen to avoid writing irrelevant shite, not quite flogging a dead horse….. but not far off.

SAFCBlog – A tired format and not as good as it used to be – FTM

“There’s no point in asking, you’ll get no reply…..”


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