London 0 Hull 4, (Sunderland 5)

Another catchy title for the youngsters, fear not it’s always Happy Hour at SAFCBlog. On Saturday we play our first competitive game in ages. Despite having enough seats for anyone interested in going to have 4 each, there will be no fans in the ground. Fans can of course watch the game in the pubs outside the ground, if I was SAFC; I’d open the Fanzone and the bars in the car park and show the game on big screens. It’s absolute fucking madness, still I’m sure the EFL have a detailed plan and matters in hand and firmly under control?

The EFL – I wouldn’t trust them to put my bins out.

Black Cats vs Striped Cats

unsure whether the correct terminology for a tiger is striped or stripy, I checked online…..

“People also ask….” – just who exactly asks stuff like this?

We are in a mess, Hull are in just as bigger mess. Lots of similarities in that the fanbase is disconnected from the hierarchy of the club, their owners have made some very strange decisions, often showing a disregard for the fans.

Unlike our owners the Hull custodians have an array of pots to piss in, however they choose to do their pissing elsewhere. 

Hopefully we’ll be allowed to go to the game when we play them in the league, as there’s nowhere better for a day on the lash than Hull Old Town. As well as it being a decent day out, I quite like Hull, they have been through the mill and it’s a proper northern footballing town.

The City of Hull

As previously mentioned Hull is great for a day on the lash, as you’d expect there’s plenty of famous folk hail from the City…..

  • Hale of Hale & Pace
  • Popstars Norman Cook and Paul Heaton
  • SAFCBlog favourite Maureen Lipman


Maureen Lipman
  • Amy Johnson


Work is a 4 letter word?

I’m not unhappy in my profession, occasionally you hear of a job that sounds like something that must be decent to have as a profession. 

  • Gerald Thomas was born in Hull, he is famous for being the Director of the Carry on Films……



“Good day at work Gerald?”….. “yeah not bad thanks love”

SAFCBlog Predicts……

Sunderland 2 vs Hull City 0

(Grigg, Wyke)


SAFCBlog – A Tired Format – FTM

NEW SEASON….. We go again – FTM……. A brand new start? Perhaps not, but a chance to play one of the best songs ever

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