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Magic Monday fun factory
Magic Monday fun factory

Oxford, the day after…….

We played well yesterday, we won fairly comfortably…. both of these things make me feel incredibly happy. I suspect that every club has an element of morbid fascinators amidst its fanbase? Hopefully the result and performance will cheer all SAFC fans along⚽️  

Goal #1…… Luke O’Nien is a very good Division 3 player, he’s probably a decent Division 2 player. I like him a lot as he gives his all, obviously cares and just seems a nice man. I also see week in week out that he has the best 1st touch of anyone in our squad, with this in mind, I’m saying his goal was a fantastic piece of improvisation⚽️

Goal #2…….. great run and calm finish from The Californian Messi, the Oxfordshire defence seemed to wave him through, but class goal nonetheless ⚽️

Up next……

We’re yet to beat them since we decided to play in Division 3. A couple of draws and then a horror show at their gaff in August. (editors note; its 3 games not 4, because shitnouses like Wycombe voted to not play until it suited them).

On the event of a ‘2nd wave’, Wycombe are averaging 0.00 ‘points per game’….. wonder how they’d vote this time?

Football without fans…..

Not going to games is shit, watching football on tv without fans is also shit? I’ve watched less footie this season than ever before, but a few decent games today. Chelsea vs Liverpool obviously got potential, but before that Hibs vs Rangers looks decent. ……..

Jack Watch……

More than happy with Phil as our gaffer, he may look like he’s on his way to a parish council meeting, but can’t help thinking it would have finished 1-1 if Jack was still in charge?

“Och aye, and we gan ta fleetwood and this wee man in charge of them was wearing trainers, aye, I couldnae believe me eyes, ya Ken wa I mean wee man?”
King of Cool, never disappoints?
Woahhhhhhh there!!!! What the fuck are they on your plates of meat Jack? #tonypullistributeact

SAFCBlog Thought of the Day……

SAFCBlog is…….

  • 100% against racism
  • 100% against politics in sport

Difficult one to comment on, but I will anyway….“for me, let’s stop taking to the knee. Actions do indeed speak louder than words…. but words are decent too? Anything that can be done to raise awareness or have a positive impact on any issue is to be applauded. For me, (game of opinions), continuing this action is not going to achieve anything, education, initiative, positive actions can facilitate change. I’m not sure that footballers taking to the knee is achieving anything positive? I’d go so far as to say, it’s becoming a negative in a small way? Let’s 100% use our beautiful game to improve our world….. is this happening through this pre match action? For me, I’d have to say No. SAFCBlog is built on humour and pisstaking, but I’m a decent bloke – anyone who has lived a bit, knows who means them harm and who doesn’t. Players kneeling down does nothing to improve anything. It’ll be big news to stop doing it, but that’s kind of it…… let’s keep sport as sport? Sadly prejudice, Judgements, poor attitudes, lack of education, ignorance ain’t going away – we can’t and should never give up on this, but repeating the same action indefinitely ain’t going to do fuck all?”

Peter Brough match preview and all manner of absolute irrelevant shite online during the week.

SAFCBlog – Bang Average at Best – FTM

Tough few days……… please, please live every fucking moment xxx

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