Mansfield Town Matchday Magic of the Cup

Some things in football seem to be a constant, sunny on the opening day, sunny on the closing day, Mags never winning anything on colour TV…..another of these is a proper Misty football day on FA Cup R1 day

Proper Round 1 weather today⚽️

A home draw and decent weather are of course of little relevance when you are watching the game at home online, but come May when we are walking out at Wembley in the Final, today will be fondly remembered,(**)

We’ve got a big enough squad to rotate players, it’ll also be good to see the players on the fringe getting the chance to impress. I’m always of the opinion that any game we play is a game we should do our upmost to win, today is no different. Mansfield will be well up for it, it’s not our priority, but I reckon will will be in the ball-bag for the draw in Monday night.

Pre Teamsheet Teamsheet Thoughts…..

As alluded to yesterday, we’ll probably see as many as 8 or 9 changes today, but as previously mentioned this actually feels quite exciting.

Happy enough with that, good fishing weather for Charlie too
Ha’Way Tom, you’re due a goal, get yourself up for corners

Freezing North Yorkshire today, I can’t imagine it’s any warmer in Wonderland? Bit of a curve ball from Jack Ross last night who didn’t wear a jacket last night in Aberdeen, instead rocking a gilet and opting for  a Layered Autumn Look. Expecting Phil to have a big coat on today, no holding out too much hope though as I’m expecting it to be the Club Issue Nike Number…..

Pittodrie 0 vs Milan Catwalk 1, (Armani G, 16)
Stadium of Light 0 vs Post Office Sorting Depot 1, (Clifton P, 55)

My stream crashes at 2.59pm and I miss the Remembrance Tribute.

It’s always impeccably observed at the SOL, crowd or no crowd

The match……

7 minutes…… great hold up play by Grigg > Graham > smashes the woodwork 

10 minutes…… great work from McFadzean, who stands a great ball up to the back post where Danny Graham manages to clear it off the line

Got to hit the target from a yard?

30 minutes……. on top, get 1 and we’ll get a load? We’ve had 5 corners so far, Power has taken 3 from the right and Maguire 2 from the left. None have been particularly good! Debutant McFadzean has put in 3 absolute fantastic crosses from open play…. let him take the corners eh?

35 minutes……McFadzean looks as 1 footed as Denver, but it does look like a bit of a wand? He works the keeper with a great effort.

Half time……. 0-0

No changes at half time – hopefully we’ll see a bit of Neil and Embleton at some stage?

48 minutes……. they’ve flown out of the traps, decent cross, decent header, 0-1

65 minutes…… Embleton on for Maguire

65 minutes…….Wyke’s name, wasn’t on the teamsheet on the official site, he appears on the sidelines to replace Danny Graham

(Just realised his name was on the list of subs)

”get us a goal Charlie and you can have Monday and Tuesday off to go fishing 🎣 “

O’Nrien on for McFadzean…… McFadzean has understandably tired, another chance for O’Brien to impress

90 minutes…..still 0-1, fairly depressing watch this. 4 minutes added…… 

Game over, 0-1, not very good. Dread to think of the outcry this will induce. In ways of constructive criticism……fair play to Mansfield, we weren’t very good, but well done to them. What really concerns me is…….. no complaints with lots of changes, I’m not sure anyone has staked a claim to play next Saturday? I’m not mad for hanging players out to dry – but it’s the form, (and sadly I think attitude in a couple of cases), of a few of our established squad members that worry me? Power and Dobson are both offering very little. Graham and Grigg were both poor,I don’t know what these 2 get paid – but the ‘effort to pay ratio’ is not something I’m hugely impressed with? No issue with the application of O’Brien, he was crap again but at least he puts effort into achieving this.

Nothing more to add – we go again midweek.

(**)Wembley is shite anyway.

Out of the cup at the 1st hurdle again, pretty depressing, bloody locked down too, so can’t even go out and get totally Ant McPartlined……

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