Matchday blog – Sunderland v Walsall review

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Matchday Blog – Sunderland v Walsall review

So….get picked up at 10.45am , 10.46am on the ale. After discussing nonsense for 30 minutes the often talked about subject of writing a Matchday Blog crops up.

After years of talking abut it; 5 minutes later I’ve bought the domain for the next 3 years. Having bought various security etc I’m £224.20 lighter. So after years of false dawns ~ I guess I better actually try and do the blog.

Now there’s every chance lots will consider this a load of shite; but hopefully there’s plenty of loons out there who may find it interesting. As with all relationships, it’ll take time ~ but if you can be bothered, stick with it.

With time to kill, it is suggested we go to the Tees Transporter Bridge, (the history to this decision is one for another day). I’ve not been to Middlesbrough apart from when SAFC are in town, (why would anyone?).

It’s even more of a shithole when quiet

SAFCBlog matchday review
Middlesbrough ~ shithole Worse was to come…..

Transporter bridge closed
For fucks sake

More ale and a visit to “The Worst Toilet In England”

Worst toilet in England

Rest of the journey spent discussing the future of meat. Apparently there is now the science to ‘grow meat’ ~ so rather than kill cows, a steak could be grown in a Laboratory. Cows and sheep obviously in a strong position as milk and wool are good. Pigs could be knackered though? Probably worth mentioning that the words of wisdom were from a member of our group, who is known for “talking nonsense”.

Onto Sunderland and we exchange three cases of Coca Cola for 7 Show Leeks. Once again ~the basis of this deal will have to wait for another day.

SAFCBlog leeks SAFCBlog leeks

Huge for March?

Sunderland v Walsall match review

Lump on Sunderland HT/FT at Corals.


0~1 four minutes

1~1 HT , (bet lost)

2~1 FT

Highlight of the game was their keeper kneeing their centre half square in the Animal Crackers.


Head home victorious.

So……I’ll write a matchday blog after each game. Obviously the value will be away from home.

9 cup finals remain.

But before that, an actual cup final next weekend.

Next stop Wembley

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4 – 0…. 48 hours on …

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4 – 0…. 48 hours on …

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