Matchday Seven …. PFC…. A Stairway to Heaven?

Recent History…..

2 seasons ago we seemed to play them every bloody week and as the season progressed, the games just seemed to get bigger….

Take 1…..this game was pre SAFCBlog; we were comfortable at half-time at 0-0, a Louvrens red card on 47 minutes was a game changer. We lost 3-1. Whilst deciding a season on points per game as opposed to completing the season, is absolute lunacy? When the game ended Portsmouth had played exactly half of their games, their PPG figure would have been a record breaking 102 points!

Take 2….. Wembley, a day out I guess? Couldn’t care less about the competition, although any trip to Wembley is a chance to bury our ghosts? For a nothing game it was a pretty good contest, a 2-2 draw saw the trophy shared

Wembley – Shite

Take 3….. this now felt like a big game, we’d completeLy fucked up against Coventry, but we could redeem ourselves today? Basically 3 points for either side and automatic promotion was on the cards? 41’129 inside the SOL…. these are the games you live for?

….. shit game, occasion too big, another 1-1…..

Take 4……. we win 1st leg 1-0, we played well, a, (later rescinded), red card for Ozturk meant 1-0 didn’t become 2 or 3?

We take a 1 goal advantage south. Jack looks about as pleased as I do at the prospect of a 750 mile round trip and a Thursday night stay at the Fratton Ibis?

Take 5……. just a great night, I’ve been told it was a Shit game on TV, but football wasn’t made for TV!

Great result, great night

Securing Wembley was amazing….. Wembley was predictably shite. I often think, if we knew how Wembley would end, would we have rather lost at Portsmouth?



Last season…..

Much less eventful…. a 2-0 defeat down there, we did well first half and probably should have been ahead? Once they scored we were well beaten, ultimately we did well to dodge a hammering?

Fratton Park – however you dress it up… it’s fucking long way?

We were the better of 2 average teams in a 2-1 wi at the SOL in August. Sometimes football takes a back seat… it’s not every day you see a car with a sculpture of a wooden penguin on the roof? And yet we still came 2nd in our bid to be the UK City of Culture!

Todays Game……

It’s Matchday 7…. but if we can win today, it will act as a real statement to rest of the division! Whilst I decided a few weeks ago to avoid COVID chat on here, recent postponements etc don’t bode well…. let’s just get as many points on the board ASAP and then at least we can’t be stitched up again by the muppets at the EFL?

No surprises…….

3pm…… and we’re off

Week before payday, but another shit crowd? At least Portsmouthh haven’t turned up in a grey kit that matches ours this season

3.07pm …… 0-1, they’ve started brighter, bloke with shit hair scores

3.10pm….. 1-1, well worked goal 

3.25pm…… 1-2, bollocks. Shite defending, another goal by a bloke with too much hair – this has a feel of that fateful day against Coventry? Need to settle down. I’d even be happy to go in at 1-2 and let Parkin give them a right bollocking!

Half Time…… not played well, deservedly behind. But absolutely no reason not to get something from this game?  45-65 minutes will be huge. These are categorically the best team we’ve played this season, we need to be, (and can), be better 2nd half….

Tony Wood missing a trick I’d say?

3.30pm…… lets get in at half time still in this? We are getting completely overrun. O’Nien is great for us – but he looks totally lost as part of this back 5. Swap for Flanagan at half time? Our shape at the back is desperate?

Half time….. we’ve not played well and Portsmouth deserve to be ahead. Whilst they are the best team we’ve faced, there’s no reason no to get something out of the game? As always when trailing at half time, the first 20 minutes after the restart will be huge – we need to, (and can), be better 2nd half. We’ve been poor, they’ve been better…. I’m delighted we’re still in the game. Hopefully they’ve had a bollocking 2nd half

Let’s do this…….

45-60 mins…. loads better, next goal wins!
60-80 mins….. we are playing better, Hume a threat, but……. we haven’t really done enough.

PACE…… at any level pace is frightening, at this level it can be terrifying? I don’t think anyone would argue we don’t lack pace? A lack of pace puts pressure on the passing and set piece delivery to be of a standard to create goals. We haven’t shown enough quality in these areas today. We need a spark…… we don’t have a pot to piss in – we do have a big squad, hopefully there’s an option within what we already have?

83 mins…… Luke had a bad day, already booked – assume that was a straight red though? Penalties shouldn’t be, (and very rarely are),  missed at this level 1-3, game over.

Full time…… 1-3. Fair result, we go again Tuesday night. We didn’t play well, if these players could play well every week, they wouldn’t be playing in division 3? Bad day at the office – as simple as that. It’s a good time to have a game in a few days time. All Streams Lead to Rochdale, (preview online tomorrow).

Credit to Portsmouth – they won’t be far off at the end of the season.

Clocks change tonight, it’ll be dark this time tomorrow………

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