Middlesbrough 0 Shed 7 plus Gillingham away preview..

Middlesboro 0 Shed 7

Middlesbrough 0 Shed 7

No game this weekend, due to Sunderland deciding not to bother with the FA Cup this season. Whilst SAFCBlog failed to find a game to attend – fear not, we decided to go and watch the finest band to come out of York at Middlesbrough Town Hall. I’m under no illusions that Sunderland is Monte Carlo – but compared to Middlesbrough it is! My last trip to Middlesbrough was March of this year on the day when SAFCBlog was inadvertently launched. Whilst the trip ultimately ended in disappointment when we found the Transporter Bridge, (the purpose of our visit), was shut…. Middlebrough 0 Shed 7

Middlesbrough – a shithole

Middlesbrough transporter bridgeclosed

For fucks sake!

Given recent trips to Middlesbrough have consisted of defeat, misery and trying to avoid the attentions of the locals on the walk towards town afterwards – it’s quite nice to be going to Middlesbrough with a spring in our step. Anyone who follows SAFC will have wasted a lot of time and money over the years, none more so a trip to Bournemouth in September 2015, when SAFCBlog decided to head home after 20 minutes of the game gone….
“20 minutes gone – come,on let’s go, the jobs fucked” bizarrely, I had no idea until now, (over 4 years later), that we had a man sent off!
The relevance of our 20 minutes at Bournemouth is…. the following season, SAFCBlog broke its record for its earliest departure from a game. We missed the 6th minute goal as we were late getting into the ground, we bailed out after 11 minutes. Middlesbrough 0 Shed 7 bailed out after 11 minutes


Shed 7 play Middlesbrough (Town Hall)

Whilst football often disappoints, the wonderful Shed 7 rarely ever disappoint. Middlesboro 0 Shed 7

Middlesbrough 0 Shed 7

Shed 7 at Middlesbrough Town Hall

”where have you been tonight?”

SAFCBlogs (idiot A), and a Legend of Rock.

One of SAFCBlogs better trips to Middlesbrough

So …….better than most trips to Middlesbrough, with a few other notable sightings……

“Excitement at absolute fever pitch as Miss Middlesbrough 2019, enters the latter stages”

Will Grigg

“Even Will Grigg is here!”

Middlesbrough kebab to end the night

Just one thing required to complete a pleasant evening; a Dirty Doner Kebab.  Sheffield Kebab Peterborough kebab

A kebab yesterday

Different genre admittedly, but kebabs and onion rings are undoubtedly the 2 best foods in the world? (Look out for the new SAFCBlog feature in January 2020, The Filth Officer’s guide to fun with food.  Episode 1 = Custard online early January.
Whilst I concede late night Monday / early hours of Tuesday morning is not a prime time in the sale of spiced meat in a pitta market? But…..
  • Whole of Middlesbrough ⛔️
  • Kebarbeque of Easingwold ⛔️
  • Pizza & Doner of York ⛔️
  • Pizza and kebab house of Acomb ⛔️
Thank goodness for Shed 7, just a tremendous band….

Just a wonderful anthem for football and real life – genius boys, genius

Part 2 – Gillingham Away Preview

  • It’s miles away and I’m driving
  • There’s no roof on the away end
  • Whilst they were shite last year, they seem a bit better this season
  • Their manager is a complete shithouse of the highest order
  • What a time to be alive?
  • SAFCBlog predicts….. torrential rain and a 1-1 draw, with Will Grigg not making any effort whatsoever
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