Misere en bang moyenne, six sur dix blog Sunderland edition speciale en merde maison, Perdue deux – nil dans le Sincil Banque ??

Not a good night last night, a 2-0 first leg loss is a poor result. On Saturday we will have fans in the ground, they will, (initially), back the team, there’s absolutely no reason that such a deficit can’t be overturned? We will have a chance early on, Lincoln will be a bit edgy, to beat them by two goals is not a preposterous suggestion? Do I think we will do it, no I don’t, ultimately we can’t defend – regardless of the level, unmarked players inside the six yard box, (unless it’s Will Grigg), will generally score. One good performance could get us to Wembley, given we’ve only won 1 of the last 10, (against a piss poor Plymouth), I don’t expect us to progress to Wembley.

I am really looking forward to being in the stadium on Saturday and catching up with some mates, I’ll be right behind the team come 3.30pm, it’s not my usual take to be so negative, so I should probably substantiate my negativity…..

This group of players is not particularly good, I’m not a fan of sacking managers every 8 months. Unpopular opinion, (but I’ve held it all along), Phil Parkinson was getting a better tune out of these players than LJ. The squad is limited, Parkinson did a decent job of polishing a turd, tight at the back and try and nick something. He was sacked due to trial by Social Media, by that I mean if we’d been at games that weren’t particularly attractive but resulted in wins, (Crewe, Ipswich, Swindon etc), there wouldn’t have been such influential online unrest? Had we been at Doncaster when we played really well and conceded with the last kick to draw the game, the reaction would have been more positive than the 5pm Social Media Furore. Are the payers any good? Not really. Has recruitment been good enough? No. As regards recruitment, the budget normally reflects the product, if you have no money it’s difficult to secure high quality goods, whether it be a footballer or a kettle.

Last night we were desperate for a goal, Chris Maguire remained sat on the bench, this is fucking ridiculous- if LJ doesn’t want him to play, just drop him completely. Aiden McGeady has done brilliantly since coming back this season, better than I thought he would / could, he probably realised it really was last chance saloon? It’s easy to say Parkinson got it wrong, but at least he did what he did and stuck by the decision – my understanding is that at the time ostracising McGeady was really the only option Parkinson had given the circumstances. Whether right or wrong – he made a decision, he stuck by it, as you’d hope and expect of a manager. So…. Chris Maguire, let’s be straight, whilst he can do some great things, the fact he doesn’t do it consistently makes him a Division 3 player. What pisses me off is that if he’s on the bench he’s considered available and fit to play a part in the game, surely he had to come on last night?

It’s natural to compare the McGeady and Maguire situations, well here’s a completely unfounded, hypothetical, uninformed thought….. Chris Maguire’s birthday is in January, lets say he had a birthday party at his gaff in December that contravened lockdown and social distancing rules, this led to an outbreak of Covid in the squad, which led to the postponement of Sunderland games for a few weeks….. as I say, just a hypothesis, but if anything like this did happen, you’d look to the manager to either sort it out, or hang him out to dry, sitting him on the bench would be weak and be neither one thing or the other?

This group of players are not the best, but as the saying goes…. Mutton dressed as Lamb, is better than Mutton dressed as Mutton?

I’ve never been a professional footballer, as alluded to a few weeks ago, the few people I know who have and who’s opinion I respect the most, are adamant that somethings not right…. it’s hard to dispute this opinion?


We can still go up, I dearly hope we do. Football is an emotional rollercoaster, it consumes lots of our time and our emotions. I’m not convinced by the current set up, but I’m still 100% behind the idea of promotion – this would involve me being proven wrong, very wrong – I dearly hope that I am. Over to you Lads…..

Lincoln Preview tomorrow if I can think of owt to write – FTM

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