MK Dons 0 Sunderland 1

He who flares loses

MK Dons 0 Sunderland 1

A nice an early start for SAFCBlog yesterday – in reality much earlier than needed, but between us we’d been ready to go to MK all week such was the level of excitement. Motorway driving on a work day is boring, motorways on a match day are exciting. 

Heading to MK Dons v Sunderland
Beauty is everywhere

Motorway Service Stations are a huge part of the away day routine for SAFCBlog. Historically driving South had 2 stand out options, Leicester Forest and Watford Gap…. how times have changed?

Leicester Forest service has seen better days
Leicester Forest…… the Leeds United of Service Stations…… “decent in the 70s – but shit now”

It is well publicised that Milton Keynes is recently built and devoid of history. I was actually pleasantly surprised, I was expecting Slough, in reality it was clean and all units seemed occupied – admittedly it feels like you’re in the States rather than the UK? But in an age of high street and post industrial demise, I was impressed. On the off chance of this Blog not making me rich, I’m going to buy a coffee van/sandwich franchise and drive around Milton Keynes.

The ground is impressive from the outside, yes it’s a bit clinical, but it’s still hugely impressive.

MK Dons 0 Sunderland 1
Like the town…… “clean, symmetrical and functional”

Not fancying a beer in generic chain in a retail park, SAFCBLog consults the www…… Great news, The Inn on the Lake is a mere 0.6 miles away, sounds nice – probably isn’t? If ever there was proof that you should never judge, the next hour of the day was it…….

SAFC Bloggers in MIlton Keynes
Concrete jungle my arse?

The Inn on the Lake Milton Keynes
The Inn On the Lake….. bet it’s horrible inside?
Decent pub the Inn on the Lake Milton keynes
Decent pub – highly recommended. Special mention to the 3 barmaids who were friendly and efficient – possibly sisters? But it was like the reverse of a Beauty Contest…. The Corrs they were not, (no photos)

Match report MK Dons v Sunderland

Milton Keynes 0 Sunderland 1 match report
MK Dons Away? “If I hadn’t seen such riches, I could live with being poor”

Fully hydrated we head to the ground, having said it was impressive from the outside – it’s even more impressive on the inside – basically a scaled down version of Wembley. New SAFCBlog flag put up and its game time…….

Prior to discussing the game, today was the 750th game that Dean Lewington had played for MK Dons – hugely impressive. in an age where loyalty is rare in football – what a fantastic, refreshing achievement.

1st half

This was a half of 2 halves! 

We started well and dominated the first 25 minutes – Ozturk missed our best chance. The 20 minutes leading up to half time saw them as the better side, to be fair they looked half decent. It was looking like getting in at 0-0 would be a good plan – to be be fair they didn’t really create much, and the one good chance they had was missed by a mile. All teams need a striker, but MK Dons just look a striker away from being a decent side? Will Grigg loan deal?

Half time

We are not going to play well every week, in reality we didn’t play particularly well in the 1st half.  But………. if you are together as a team, have passion, have fight and have quality; you give yourselves every chance of winning games, It’s not of my business what was said at half time – but wow they came out like a bloody train; Cue the 2nd Half…….

They looked like they’d had a “talking to” at half time?

2nd half….
Sunderland were brilliant

  • Denver got round the back of them early on and just grew and grew into the game
  • Gooch and Wyke both had attempts cleared off the line
  • Luke should score
  • The King nearly scores another worldie free kick
  • Gooch scores a stunning goal
  • Ozturk misses another great chance
  • Obviously it’s always a bit nervy at 0-1, but we were deserved winners
  • Job done…….
Sunderland fans celebrating a 1 - 0 win over MK Dons
Business as usual……

SAFCBlog Verdict…….

What a fantastic result, we fully deserved to win the game. It had the feel going into the final 30 minutes that it would be 1-0 either way? Today was huge for momentum, yes it was ultimately a narrow win – but when you combine heart, hunger, desire, quality, fitness and belief…….these are the games you do win! Crucially after the goal, we didn’t sit back – whilst this is partly mental strength and tactics, for me it once again comes down in a huge part to fitness?

Loads of positives, but wow we look bloody good. I can’t be arsed to comment any further on Will Grigg and I know the manager has to say the right things about him…. but seeing Kyle Lafferty sprint on, looking like a man with a point to prove, is an absolute breath of fresh air compared to seeing Grigg wander on looking like a man who’s on his way to Greggs for breakfast?

Football is just a game…….but it’s a bloody good game?

Sunderland fans celebrating Milton Keynes 0 Sunderland 1
Goal celebration Milton Keynes 0 Sunderland 1

As ever huge thanks to the genius that is SunderLad, (got to be worth £0 of anyone’s money to subscribe to him on YouTube?

SunderLad alternative commentary

I’ll be back tomorrow with either the Doncaster preview, or something else if I think of owt!

Been a while since we had some music…. sometimes the right tune just appears?

MK Dons 0 Sunderland 1
Red Light…………

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