Monday – Wembley Countdown

One Week…..

Last Monday a 93rd minute goal completed a tremendous night.

This time next week, we could be in The Championship, or we could be looking at a 5th season in Division 3.

Football Fans……

I’d consider myself to have a less than the average amount of friends, pretty much all of my friends like football, people who like football are very often very good people. Every club has its fans, some clubs are bigger than others, there’s lots of reasons for this….. history, locality, success etc. Like all clubs Wycombe will have some class fans, whilst their ticketing requirement is a fraction of ours, to be fair They’ve only be in the FL for about 30 years, the area is a hotbed of Spurs, Arsenal etc fans, they’ve already sold 50% more than their capacity and about 3 times their average attendance. Fair play to each and every football fan of any club, even down the road where the owners execute women, push blokes to their death from buildings and get married to children, there’s plenty of perfectly decent football fans.

I’m fortunate to have the time and resources to attend all of our games, hence I was able to get tickets and assist a few exiles. I understand that Wembley is a neutral venue, and I kind of understand why Wycombe might not want to release more tickets to us, but it would be such a shame if their are thousands of unsold seats on Saturday. It’s not arrogance, entitlement etc, it’s just differing demand for tickets. I really hope as many people as possible get to see the game, that is the categorically best situation, (game of opinions as always).I’d imagine the Wycombe Chairman reads this blog, so whatever your name is, can we have the tickets that you don’t need please?


We’ve got VAR on Saturday, that’s actually not a bad thing. Wycombe are a very physical team, having VAR can only be a good thing against their physicality and aerial assault?

“It’s like a proper football match?”

Good to see Lee Mason in charge of VAR. Thankfully he’s a Sunderland fan……

Not long now……

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