Netflix & Southern Pricks – Half Time Report

netflix & southern pricks half time

Netflix & Southern Pricks – Half Time Report

No spoilers…..

Don’t worry – just a few thoughts on what I’ve watched so far. Ultimately we all know that the football = a load of draws, a draw at Wembley and a defeat at Wembley

A Life In Isolation…..

Watched 4 episodes today, once Jonno Greening PE on Youtube is complete, what else is there to do? 

The Cast…..

On the basis that we all know how the season pans out, it’s all about the characters involved? Football is rightly, A Game of Opinions, it’s no secret I’ve never been a fan of our owners. But….. based purely on the 1st half, (episodes 1-4), how did everyone come across?

LUKE…… just in case there was any doubt. What a fantastic man – he represents everything that being a footballer should be.

MAJA…….. modern day footballer. He didn’t stay, if he had of stayed, we’d have won the league easily.

JACK ROSS…….clearly a good honest man. The best collection of knitwear and coats in world football?

netflix & southern pricks half time
“Jack, I’ve been drinking Sagres since 10am, I’ve been to Spar – you fancy a drink later?”

Tony Davison…..not seen much of him in 1-4. Clearly a smart man, it must be hugely frustrating being brought in to do a job, and then not being allowed to do that job?

STAFF & FANS……. no surprises, just really great people.


He clearly loves the camera, but that’s no crime, especially when you are playing the starring role in a TV show? I’ll be honest, I was pleasantly surprised by his passion and energy. That said, having watched 4 episodes, 2 salient points stick out for me……

  • Bradford attendance – it was just too much about himself. 1 swallow never makes a summer? Just my opinion – but…..self gratification overload?
  • I don’t doubt the whole place needed a kick up the arse? But for me, (perhaps swayed as a parent of 2 girls?), the way that Charlie spoke to the Irish girl re: the attendance announcement, was abhorrent? Yes, it’s a real life documentary etc – but for me, his conduct was appalling….. Patronising, bullying, condescending etc there’s all manner of adjectives? But in the real world……. just piss poor pal, there’s no excuse for that.



Netflix half time report

My opinion is irrelevant, but…….

Jack Ross…..”he’s no worth, (scotch for not worth), any moore, (scotch for more), than £1 million……”

Stewart Donald……”you said £1 million, I’ve gone up to £1.25 million…now take it or leave it”

Stewart Donald…….”I just love doing a deal; £3 million rising to £4 million”

“It’s a deal, it’s a steal…’s sale of the fucking century?”

“The worst bit of negotiation since Rodney and Mickey Pearce went all in for Lot 37 and bought a load of broken lawnmower engines from Alfie Flowers?”

WILL GRIGG…….I really feel for the lad, he wasn’t wanted by the gaffer, he didn’t really want to leave Wigan and he was announced as the man to get us promoted. Football is real life, and I can’t help thinking this particular young man was burdened with an awful lot? He had an easy chance and a really easy chance vs Blackpool- I guess if he scores it may have panned out differently? 

Will said in his 1st interview  that his target was 10 goals in 16……. I suspect he meant 16 games, but he’s also missed the boat with 16 months?

Like all tinpot journalists, I headed to Wikipedia…..

His confidence must be sky high?
Will Grigg star of Sunderland Til I die on Netflix
All smiles 36 hours after signing from Will, (pictured right)
Will Grigg Netflix Sunderland Til I Die
“You know what Will? You can still fucking do this pal…… SAFCBlog is right behind you”

Episodes 5-8……..

“Can’t fucking wait…….”


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