New League Structure, A proposal

A new League structure

New League Structure – A Proposal

Only 228 sleeps til Blackpool

Uncertain times, but SAFCBlog predicts the current season to restart the first Saturday in November. It seems pretty unanimous that it is the best & fairest solution to complete the league? Much as I’d love to see Leeds have another 16 years in the wilderness, I do concede that would be harsh…..

Back in the big time after years in the wilderness…..
Sunderland v Blackpool tickets
All roads, (eventually), lead to Blackpool
Match preview in October…. the game coincides with the last weekend of ‘Blackpool Illuminations’, these are pretty shit; but better than the rest of Blackpool

Surely the dates will be out of sync forever?

It’s the Euro’s in June, obviously there isn’t time to fit 11 months football into 6 months? Whilst we will be in the Championship by the turn of the year, for ease I’m going to look at how League 1 would work, (obviously all leagues will follow the same template, just with fewer teams in top 2 divisions).

The New League Structure

Bit of snagging on minor details, once this is done I’ll get the full proposal to the FA. (I’m still waiting to hear from them about the Fleetwood Ballboys actions on New Years Day).

Wembley – Shit
  • Start again where we left off on Saturday 07 November 
  • For one season only, no play offs, revert to the old system of top 3 go up
  • All done by Christmas, have a 3 week break, this will also double up as a condensed transfer window
  • 3 weeks obviously not long for the transfer window. Will need to change the rules slightly, but to be honest this could be the catalyst to clamp down on agent and player greed. Needs more thought – but something along the lines of the property sale system they use in Scotchland
  • New season starts with a draw for 4 groups of 6, no seeding in place, just a good honest draw
  • After 5 game weeks, (3 home games and 2 away – as I say, luck of the draw). The groups are complete.
  • At this stage the top 3 of each group, 12 teams, drawn once again into 2 groups of 6, (promotion mini league 1 and 2). 5 more game weeks – top team in each group promoted automatically, the 2 second place teams compete for the 3rd promotion slot.
  • Similar format for the relegation mini league 1 & 2, but to go down not up. Obviously as it’s 4 to go down, the bottom 2 in each league would be relegated.
  • All done by start of May, giving us plenty of time to prepare to win the Euros
  • Exciting format, every game on TV….. not just a plan…’s a Masterplan….


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A new league structure SAFC Blog

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