New manager….. 1st thoughts

New Manager – 1st thoughts

There will be all manner of nonsense online regarding our new Manager over the next few days….. here at SAFCBlog, we also have no idea who’s coming in; rather than post a load of shite, (my ban must be coming to an end RTG?)…. SAFCBlog has decided to look at the early credentials of the prospective incumbents of the biggest job in English Football.

We undoubtedly need to get promoted, but there’s other important issues to consider? Jack was a very well dressed man…. the last thing we want is some tracksuit jobber?

What not to wear……..

New Manager..... 1st Thoughts
“No one said it would be easy? I reckon I’d have a crack at the fatter one? She’s league 1? The other is Championship? It’s all about knowing where you are in life?”

I’d ideally like to get promoted, but after Jack; I really don’t fancy a scruffy idiot?

if I hadn’t seen such riches…….

Jack Ross old Sunderland Manager

I could live with being poor??????

New Sunderland Manager - no thanks
New Manager..... 1st Thoughts

So new gaffer incoming?

There’s a time and a place for a tracksuit as a grown up……

Jack Ross
I’ve got some cans from Spar Jack, I’ll meet you here after the match, I like your flip flops BFF”
No problem Jack, I’m really, really busy too……”

Fucking mint statement today from Jack regarding his departure, he’s a class act.

you are what you wear….. always stay classy..


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