New Sunderland Manager… everything You need to know

Phil Parkinson has accepted the biggest job in world football and is the new Sunderland Manager…. want to know more about him,? You’ve come to the right place. He’s 51 and was in born in Chorley, which is not that far from Rochdale, where SAFCBlog Ambassador, (2019/20), Anna Friel, hails from…..

New SAFC Gaffer... Everything You Need To Know
“Is it cold outside? Do I need a coat or a jumper?”
nope, it’s cracking the flags Anna, just wear what you’ve got on…..

Parkinson had a decent playing career…..

New SAFC Gaffer... Everything You Need To Know
Southampton 1985-88…. zero appearances, they reluctantly let him move on to Bury FC….
Football Phil Everything You Need To Know
145 appearances at Bury, (1988-92). Quite an achievement going 30 years with just one hairstyle?
New SAFC Gaffer... Everything You Need To Know
Don’t waste you’re money in Superdrug…. just put lemon juice on each night….”
361 games a Reading over 11 years, 2 X player of the season and inducted into the Best Ever Reading XI

Straight into being a manager from Reading…. he’s been at the helm at Colchester, Hull, Charlton, Bradford and Bolton – some fraught gigs there?

SAFCBlog is delighted to welcome him as our new manager. He’s the right appointment at the right time? He’s been round the block, whilst SAFCBlog loved Jack Ross…. the job/club was perhaps ultimately too big for him? And anyone who can get Charlie Wyke to score 20 goals a season gets my vote!

Parkinson has also won a play off final at Wembley….. (please God no!!!!!!)

New Sunderland Manager
“looks absolutely delighted??”
New Sunderland Manager
He doesn’t like Leeds, which is another huge positive?
New Sunderland Manager
I’m a man with a significant amount of time on my hands, and…… it would seem this is his best outfit? Hopefully Jacks hasty departure means he left some knitwear behind? But Phil…… you’re at a huge club now… we’re talking 30 degree soft wash merino.


  • Massive job
  • Right man for the job
  • Welcome to Wonderland Phil



music please……….

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