january Transfer window – who will be the next man to arrive at Sunderland?

Kyle Lafferty new Sunderland signing

Next Sunderland Signing?

As with every Transfer Window there’s plenty of speculation about players arriving and leaving. 

These rumours will intensify as the month progresses. I wrote the other day to welcome Kyle Lafferty on a short term deal – the more I think about it, the more I think he has potential, (with limited risk), to be a fantastic addition to our squad.

Kyle Lafferty new Sunderland signing
Decent signing – but expect another striker to sign?

Who is the next Sunderland signing?

As aforementioned speculation is rife about incoming players, it seems a fair assumption that Parkinson will look to add another striker to bolster the squad and improve his options.

I saw lots online last week saying Billy Sharp of Sheffield United would be a good signing? No shit Sherlock ……. Anna Friel would be a good date, but I can’t see it happening? (Safcblog1@gmail.com Anna)

The two strikers in the frame seem to be 1 from Burton on a permanent  the deal or 1 from Bristol City on a loan deal. I’ve no idea, but it will be a case of either/or….. so who are they and which would be the better signing?

Antoine Semenyo of Bristol City

I don’t know a great deal about him……


  • Bristol City gave him a 4 year deal in the summer, whilst he’s young – they obviously see potential in him
  • As with all loan deals – if he’s injured or shite, we can just send him back
  • No guarantees – but he could be brilliant


  • Loans are always a bit of a lottery, they can range from someone who can’t be arsed and doesn’t want to get injured to the other end of scale of someone desperate to prove themselves?
  • Is it what we need? It’s a short term fix and despite a load of talent Kaz Sterling didn’t really bring anything to the team last season. If we are going to go down the raw talent, potential route, we’d be as well giving Benji and Embleton a chance?
Surely Benji deserves a chance?


  • See Maybe
  • He’s only played 44 senior games and although Bristol City are better than us, they are not world beaters and he can’t get a look in
  • Reports suggest he’d rather go to Doncaster?

Liam Boyce of Burton Albion

Next Sunderland signing?


  • He looked great in their game at the SOL
  • 14 goals already this season in an average L1 team – if we had a striker on 14 goals; we would be top of the league, we all know that Grigg might start hitting the net once he goes to Swindon – but he is never going to score here?
  • He’s out of contract in summer – so they will not only be happy to sell , he will probably be available at the right price?
  • There’s more to football than the 90 minutes. Whilst it’s a bit childish, for myself and fans of a certain again, having a player called Boycie is great news.


  • This time last year, we signed a Northern Ireland International Striker with a proven record of scoring goals in League 1……..
Looks can deceive? Like one of those books where a load of dots looks like a rabbit….. to the naked eye it looks like Will Grigg is running in this photo?


  • I can’t think of anything!

Momentum is huge in football, whilst there’s obviously a long way to go – it feels like we are on the up? I have 100% trust that Parkinson is signing the right men for the job, whilst Phil seems articulate and calm, his assistant is always on hand to sort stuff out……

Assistant Manager – Steve Parkin


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