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A week ago this was looking like a Huge Game, now it’s a Game

After we gained a point at Peterborough we were in a good position, we’ve since lost the next 3 and we are no longer in said position. We weren’t great yesterday, we weren’t that bad though, had we shown yesterday’s level of heart and desire at Wigan, we would have won the game. I was pretty confident after Peterborough we’d found the way of getting a result, for whatever reason we seem to have lost that a bit.

Looking good…..
….. 3 games later, looking less good

I’m having a bit of a Social Media Sabbatical, (religious for holiday), as there’s a bit of a meltdown occurring, it’s great that everyone has an opinion and debate is healthy. I’ve not had chance to speak to Lee Johnson, but he must be banging his head against the fucking wall at the goals conceded the last 3 games, the last 5 goals conceded have seen the ball bounce in the six yard box, sugarcoat it all you like, but that is terrible. For me it’s worse than misplaced passes or poor positioning, as it’s weak, weak as piss – I didn’t make it as a professional footballer, (as yet), but when I graced The Knavesmire and Hackney Marshes, bodies on the line and heart tended to prevent this type of goal?

Top Six…..

We aren’t going to make the top 2 now, we will make the top 6, which means we’re in the play offs. We all know our history with this, past years don’t really bother me, I’m more worried about the need to enter the play offs with momentum, to do this we need to win some games. It will be tough on Tuesday, Hull are decent in this division, but it’s a low bar, it’s not like they are world beaters? I mentioned earlier about us having a mentality of getting results, I also mentioned pre Blackpool I was still expecting a twist that would ignite our automatic promotion hopes, I didn’t expect Hull and Peterborough to not crack a little, fair play to both of them, 46 games is plenty to get what you deserve and they look like being the top 2 by a healthy margin.

The 3 Year Glitch….

At the start of the season I thought we’d win this league, 2 weeks ago I thought we’d win this league, I’m know hopeful we can be successful in the play offs, that’s not being negative, but we all know the play offs are a bit of a lottery. I didn’t expect us to be in Division 3 for more than a year, but we are, I don’t know, but I don’t think we’ve spent a day top of the division? I think we only occupied the top 2 very briefly in October of the Ross season? So whilst we all know the history, fanbase, Stadium capacity etc… we haven’t set this league alight.

Tuesday Night….

Shite Bridge compared to ours

Hull are going up, they can actually gain promotion on Tuesday night with a win, I reckon we will get a point. The 5 games remaining are huge for us, we cannot head into the play offs with the mood as it is now, when we lost to Charlton at 2019, Ross got it wrong, hindsight is a wonderful thing, but the surrender at Fleetwood and Southend in the last 5 days of the season that made it 6 defeats rather than 4, was no way to go into the play offs. Football is an emotional game, it really is – bizarrely losing to Charlton with the last kick never really floored me, yes it was shite…. but you head into games like that saying, let’s have no regrets, let’s leave nothing out there etc… The tactics of Ross in the second half were a factor, but we didn’t do ourselves justice that day? So we go again in the play offs…. let’s fucking win them, let’s not leave an ounce on the pitch, onwards and upwards to the Championship, there’s absolutely no point thinking any other way.

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