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Friday Teatime…..

This will always, always, always stay happened ⚽️❤️

We all like routine, I go for a few pints about 3pm, come home to watch The Chase, have an early night before matchday, I never write a blog on a Friday, it’s just not something I do, nowt ever happens football wise on a friday?

What the fuck? Stoke are a much smaller club than Sunderland, last Saturday we won at their gaff, they were shite in their shite lego ground…. Alex Neil has done a good job at Sunderland, to repeat my original question, what the fuck?

Ultimately the moment Alex Neil decided to talk to Stoke about the managerial position, he can go for me? Thanks and all that, but shut the door behind you Alex.

What’s Happened?

We all make decisions in life, some better than others, Alex Neil has made the decision to manage Stoke City rather than Sunderland. We had 4 miserable seasons in tier 3, to his credit Alex ended this misery, but….. only look forward, managing Sunderland is a huge honour, if he no longer wants to do that, he should go.

  • We’ll probably never know due to non disclosure agreements etc
  • Dozens of theories will be rolled out over the coming weeks
  • Transfer kitty, club relationships, contracts etc etc ultimately it matters not
  • My humble opinion = it’s real life? I don’t know Alex or his family, I do know their home is a couple of hours closer to Stoke than Sunderland? I’d reckon this coupled with a double in salary is probably the only relevant detail?


Cash? It normally is?
  • It does hurt, but pain is a temporary emotion
  • From the outside and inside its a strange decision, but that’s his choice

New Beginnings….

We go again, we are in good shape, we are a massive draw, if this time next week Sean Dyche is our gaffer, it will gave been a good 7 days?

Move Fast….,

We need to get right on it, the 5 games where we had Dodds and Proctor in charge last season whilst we fucked about courting Roy Keane arguably cost us automatic promotion.

“Arguably the worst Caretaker Duo since Ian Huntley and Maxine Carr?”

Where now?

  • Stadium of Light tomorrow, I had said 1-1, not now – Stadium will be bouncing…. smash these Norfolk Knobbers 4-1⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️


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Opportunities? Aye 100%…. Onwards and fucking onwards…..1 man down, still 35’000 on board tomorrow⚽️❤️(* but I’d still like to know how he went from suit to tracksuit in 15 seconds at Wembley)

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