Norwich 0 vs Sunderland 1

I thought we’d lose heavily yesterday, we won the game, football is a beautiful game

Travel Logistics

What else is there to do on a Sunday?

Norwich as a nightmare of a journey, a noon kick off doesn’t help, thankfully SAFCBlog is a specialist in travel logistics. Few long days here with delayed flights due to snow on Friday and a party, (not really my scene), on Saturday night. Not an issue though….

  • Up at 5am > walk dogs
  • 5.40am, a short fat man, will arrive at mine to drive my car to Norwich, said fat man is just back from doing good things having driven a van to The Ukraine, Norwich will be a piece of piss
  • Pick up Norwich fan, (good at golf / shit haircut), in Leeds at 6.10am
  • Norwich for 10am > piece of piss
Slept in!!!

Never Look Back

Not ideal sleeping in, but it’s all about how you recover from adversity

  • 6.11am, wake up
  • 6.12am, brush teeth
  • 6.14am, leave house
6.20am, shoes almost on, socks not clean & inside out on, breakfast > recovered the situation
I’m not totally au fait with North East Dialect, I assume looking like you’ve been dug up, translates to looking good Shaun?

Turned out we’d have been there before opening time anyway? In Norwich for 10.30am > simples

Shocking drive, slow, dull, flat, lots of potato shops and combine harvester dealerships
Given there’s no issue between the fans, strange that all the nearby pubs were home fans only, found one nearby, bit of a shithole, but sold refreshments
Game on

Great goal from Ba, the weight of the pass from Gelhard was sublime

SAFCBlog is a prone to getting some of our players mixed up? Shirley SKY should do better?
Haway SKY, you’ll be talking about the size of cocks next?

Gelhard should have scored, he’s lacking confidence, he could have passed it in, (think Ross Stewart at Hull?), he did really well yesterday though. Lots of stellar performances yesterday, Ballard is brilliant, Michut will be some player. Great shift all round and a great away day – proud of you lads. Weather shite this week, so TM can wear the Boss Gilet, he needs to wear for the remaining games tough, 100%.

Long drive home, but worth every minute / mile, thanks for a lovely day SAFC.

Yellow Trouser Watch

I haven’t, (to date), owned a pair of yellow trousers – I might buy some tomorrow

Right SKY, can we please stop this absolute nonsense, please?

Great Day

There’s been lots of bad days watching SAFC, yesterday was a very, very good day, I love watching SAFC, I love writing this shite, however bad we play, the term no one died is often cited on the journey home. I know some class people in the SAFC Family, one of Sunderland’s finest and someone I’m proud to call a friend saved a man’s life after the game yesterday, he won’t want me to namecheck him , but fucking hell man, not all heroes wear capes pal xxxxx Be very proud of yourself xxx

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