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The Church

Not So Super Sunday

Another Sunday, ordinarily a great day for watching sport on TV – EFL League 1 and 2 play offs were scheduled for today. The best we have on offer is German football in empty stadiums, better than nothing I guess? It’ll be interesting to see if the standard of refereeing is any better behind closed doors – I’ve always been of the opinion that refs, (especially the numpties we get in League 1), are hugely influenced by the crowd. 


Still all a bit weird, the bloke who works in the paper shop says things will be back to normal soon, and pubs will be open in July, whilst that Chris Whitty fella, (the one that look like serial shagger Sven Goran Eriksson), says it might get worse again? Pandemic of Opinions as always. I’m still mega cautious and concerned – but the safety net of isolation, has affected us all in different ways. 

I don’t suppose it really matters that it’s Sunday then, but it still always feels a bit different. Not quite sure why, Church not my bag, lovely buildings etc, but all a bit far fetched, some nice ideas, (but so is the tooth fairy), for me it’s just bit far fetched? Needless to say, it’s a religion of opinions as always.


The Church
Sadly closed in May 2015, after 36 glorious years…… The Church Kings Cross…… proper way to spend a Sunday afternoon

Back to the Football…….​

It’s been done to death, but more meetings between the EFL and clubs fighting for their own best interests tomorrow. There’s no fair solution, self preservation and a turkeys vote for Christmas make it a farce? I thought we’d go up, if we get a chance – of course that’s good? I couldn’t give a shit about the other clubs – just as I’d be disappointed if any of the other clubs gave a shit about us?

Sunderland behind closed doors
Playing behind closed doors…… piece of piss?

Considering my obsession with football, I’m actually pretty non plussed about whatever is decided. When SAFC next play, I’ll be right behind them as always – when that is doesn’t feel that important. Part of me thinks, yeah we may as well go up if we can, part of me thinks, I could do without the abject misery of the play offs?  Then again, wouldn’t it be typical Sunderland to actually win the play offs, when none of us are allowed to go and watch?

I really can’t be arsed to write about our owners, but I guess a Championship Club without a pot to piss in, is marginally more saleable than a League 1 Club without a pot to piss in? 
Looks like Jon McLaughlin is on the verge of signing for Blackburn. I don’t blame him, he’s 32 years old, a key part of our team – but has been sat waiting on contract negotiations for the thick end of a year…. but when you’ve got idiots running the show, this is the kind of stuff that happens.

Sunderland owners Charlie Methven
“Fucking Bravo Chaps, Golf Clubs open, Cleaners and Nannies allowed to work, just need the Spa to open and it’s life as ruddy well normal, yah”
“Debt Free……. Free Debt??? Don’t worry about that you thick Northern idiots…..”

New Week Tomorrow…….

Yep, keep reading it’s getting better and also that it could get worse? Even the The Archers have run out of new episodes – although today’s show of past highlights was a fucking belter. 69 years and 19’100 episodes and flu stops play in Ambridge, who’d have thought it?

Let’s just hope it’s not its not too long before, The Devil can take me from Bar  to Street to Bookie…….

Sunderland top of the league
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