Not The Blackpool Match Report

No game tonight, although Will Grigg and Danny Graham looked as likely to score as they have so far this season

Nothing to see, move along, move along……

It’s 9 months since we first had football taken away from us, I’ve got absolutely no idea when this situation will be reversed?

We were originally due to play this game in October, but due to our vast array of International Superstars, we didn’t bother. Now the rescheduled game is off because we’ve got COVID, frustrating…. but Blackpool Matters, we will hopefully have another go at some stage? We’ve currently got a game every 4 days to fit in, (not including any Pizza Cup fixtures), there’s currently 4 other teams who have suspended their fixtures, I’m genuinely concerned that the fulfilment of this season will soon become a square peg and a round hole? 1 (Grigg 27) vs 1, (Delfouneso 55)

High end collaborations are not new…..Lennon & McCartney, Simon & Garfunkel, Little & Large, Windsor & Epstein….. it’s an almost exhaustive list. If we ever get round to playing this game…… watch this space⚽️🍊⚪️🔴⚫️

Tonight’s Virtual Result……

We’d have probably drawn 1-1 as we tend to do at home? To be fair, on current form, that would probably be a decent result for us. Blackpool look decent, they actually have 1 point less than us from 1 game more, but that was due to a shite start….. they took 7 points from their first 9 games, and they’ve taken 20 points from their last 9 games. Whilst we just sack our managers if we’re not top of the league, bringing in the vastly experienced Colin Calderwood as Assistant Head Coach, to assist Neil Critchley at the end of October, seems like a master stroke on their behalf?

Blackpool Fans…….

Ultimately the only team I give a shit about in this league is us. That said, Blackpool as a club seem to be in a good place. Their fans are class, there’s a couple of really decent Independent Blogs written by their fans. Whilst they seem to be in a good place as club, they’ve really been through the mill as regards the ownership of the club. The current ownership of SAFC isn’t great, but they really had it bad…. whilst we may have ownership that is naive and out of their depth, at least our owners are skint, so will hopefully be gone when they get the chance……they had a torrid time over a long period of time.  I’m not qualified to comment really, but whilst Football Clubs are a business, they are a different commodity….. a passion, a community asset, an escape etc …..after all no one ever got a tattoo or named their first born after Carphone Warehouse did they?

“It’s always the ones you least expect??”

Almost Christmas…….

”Ho, Ho, Fucking Ho…..”

Happy Christmas to one and all, tough old year for lots, here’s to happier more settled times. Be kind, stay safe and always remember to ask if people are ok. If anyone needs a chat, DM on Twitter, or email


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