Oldham Athletic Away… Pizza Cup, (North), reviewed

Strange  scenario tonight, as obviously I want us to win, although I don’t want to go to Wembley. We could perhaps do a deal that if we get to the final, we could just concede the game? Although given that we are the biggest team in the competition, the sponsors probably won’t go for this? Personally I’d be happy to buy a ticket and concede rather than go to Wembley….. anyway, getting slightly ahead of ourselves here, first we have to take care of Oldham tonight. 


6pm? Whilst the Big 2 Galactios of Tipping Point & The Chase will have finished, I normally watch Calendar at 6pm. Thankfully Christine Talbot was on last night, so in all likelihood it’ll be Gaynor Barnes tonight?

Talbot Stunners FC 1 vs Barnes Boilers 0, (Grigg, 22)

Pre Teamsheet Teamsheet thoughts…..

Absolutely no idea. It’s Johnson’s 1st game really, (surely he only rushed to get on the bench on Saturday because he thought like the rest of us that we’d smash a hapless Wigan team?). 

You’d have to think that every player will be chomping at the bit to impress, we have just changed manager due to the players being crap. I always try to be positive, but if you were to sit down with them all, how many could honestly say they were happy with their performance levels this season? Burge has done well after a difficult start, Wyke and Leadbitter can hold their heads up, for me that’s about it? It’s time to look forward now, but if we’d not missed 5 or 6 absolute sitters, we’d be right up there, only the players can take responsibility for this?

I’d expect to see some young lads given a chance tonight. It’s not a particularly scientific approach, but I’d be tempted to just play whoever is the fastest at running? There’s more pace in a tearoom queue on a day trip to Eastbourne than there is in our team at present!

Actual Teamsheet Teamsheet thoughts…….

Strong team. Patterson did well against Fleetwood, so deserves another chance, especially as Matthews looks ‘a bit Lee Camp’
“Some scrabble points there like?”
Oldham number 11, Bobby Grant, (pictured), is the only one of their players I’ve heard of! Surely we’ll smash these?

6pm…… GAME ON….

“How very fucking Division 3? Still might see Calendar now!”
“All Christine Talbot aren’t we?”
“Fucking Get in There!!!”…….”I’ve changed my plans Christine💜”

6.20pm…… GAME ON…..

“Unbe-LEE-vable” – I swear we could sign Messi and make him shit? Johnson has a reputation for his clobber…… 3 days on Wearside and he’s wearing a Club issue coat! WTF? You can accessorise all you like Lee, but this is a disappointment choice of jacket, makes Lincoln a “must dress to impress game already?”

12 minutes….. we’ve started ok. We don’t bother closing down Bobby Grant, he scuffs a shot from 25 yards…. 0-1…. not great defending or goalkeeping…. think more Damon and Debbie rather than Brookside.

19 minutes….. good work from Diamond, good effort from Maguire, good save…. the best, (it’s all relative), passage of play in weeks!

30 minutes……definitely the better team, having been denied a possible penalty seconds earlier, Oldham level up the shit defending for the evening, good finish from Maguire though. 1-1

HALF TIME…… 1-1….. we’ve played ok, definitely the better side, although nothing new there? We don’t so much “lack” pace, we are “devoid” of it!

Main threat has been down the right, McLaughlin put a couple of great crosses in first 15 minutes Diamond has done well, probably our best player; being generous you’d say he was”raw and enthusiastic”, being less generous you’d say he’s “a cross between a springer spaniel and James McClean”…. but fair dos, he’s a threat and he’s young. Will Grigg had his best 45 for us since he last played well at Bristol Rovers 21 months ago.

2nd HALF……

64 minutes……. we are much better than these, goal from Scowen 2-1, that really should be job done?

90 minutes …… no danger, totally controlled the 2nd half. 4 additional minutes, can’t be arsed to work it out but can’t be that many games away from Wembley? Enough to make your knees go all trembly?


Wembley Stadium – 51.5560°N,0.2796°W – can’t wait…..

8th December 1980……

It’s 40 years since John Lennon was shot, whilst I remember it, the Beatles were before my time. I remember asking my mum who was listening to the news on the radio, “was he any good?”…… she said, “he was brilliant, the best”. That pretty much sums it up. 



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