Oxford Away in Words and Pictures…..

Every game we play in Division 3 is a big game, it’s fucking madness to suggest it’s a must win. This week and next are tough games, I’ve avoided Twitter this week, but checking in today, it seems a large proportion of our fanbase are despairing after 1 game! 

I desperately want us to win today, because…. well, I always desperately want us to win! A win will also spare us a week of hysteria and clamour for an overweight bad apple to play and an ex player with zero experience to manage us…….as always, it’s a game of opinions, my opinion is we have a decent enough squad and we categorically have the right manager. Time will tell I guess, but time is not 2 or 3 games?

Given the disappointment of Coventry and the misery of Bristol, Oxford was our last decent away trip….. we looked nailed on after our win there in February. The beauty of an Away day is you never know how good or bad it’s going to be?

Lasr time it pissed it down, but was a great day…..

This year it’s sunny, but sadly we’re not allowed to go, I almost got a pass out…… behind closed doors is a pain, a 3 sided stadium is an opportunity??? 

Sunderland fans on van at Oxford
Kassam Car Park United

No complaints with the starting 11, most of us had expected Scowen to start ahead of Grant, but football is real life and sometimes there’s more to life than the 90 minutes. Stay strong Josh and kindest thoughts from SAFCBlog. 


“A behind closed doors 252 miles from home you say??”
“Not all heroes wear capes……”
  • Started really brightly, nearly score 
  • They hit post on 9 minutes after Burge goes walk about
  • Early season, we’ve had a good keeper the last 2 years. In the Championship we had 3 shit keepers. Before that we had Pickford, (offset by a dour anti football scotch bellend as manager)….. it’s a very, very important position is keeper!?


2nd HALF

  • Great goal from Luke
  • 51 minutes…… a nats cock away from 2-0
  • 55 minutes……. even closer to 2-0

You wear it well…….

Phil seems to be treating matches like going to school? He may have multiple of the same outfit, but he looks the same every week? 

Whilst I’m no fan of the brown suede Chelsea Boots he got for Christmas, todays shoes are a worry?

 Parkin has come dressed to fight as you’d expect. We were all guilty of dressing like a sack of shit during lockdown, hopefully when fans return, Phil will up his game as regards his wardrobe?

‘When you’ve got a game at 3pm and Lower 3 Parents Evening at 6pm?’
  • Playing well 
  • 2nd goal required
  • Warning shot from them on 65 minutes, but we are well on top.

It’s very sunny, there’s no stand at one end and the sun looks to be right in Burges eyes? Whilst I’ve never, (to date), been a professional goalkeeper, surely he would be wearing a cap?

‘Caps – incredibly versatile. Especially when of such high quality and reasonably priced as these ones which are available from www.fritidsklader.co.uk’
  • 75 minutes and so nearly 2-0 again…..
  • 80 minutes….. totally in control. We know only too well, it’s all about goals……
  • 81 minutes💥💥💥💥 the car park goes wild….

It’s a long season, today we played very well. Some weeks we’ll play better and some weeks we will play worse… but today we were brilliant. Cheers Phil🍺

With a recession looming…. the importance of ‘free money’ cannot be underestimated?
White van ✅ Cans✅Step ladder✅International Fritidsklader model 🇸🇪✅3 points✅

Job done✅ We go again next Saturday 👍 – FTM

Things to achieve today……3 points✅ Adidas SPZL New Order✅

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