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On Tuesday Sunderland head to Oxford for yet another local derby; lots of factors to consider as to whether to go or not?

  • It’s a shite cup game?
  • It’s a long trip?
  • Even if we get to the final, we never win at Wembley?
  • SAFCBlog has been at least half a dozen times, and it’s shit?
  • The clocks will have changed, (which makes me a right miserable twat)?

All things considered… there’s only 1 decision?

Oxford United V Sunderland Preview
Bring it on…….”
Oxford United V Sunderland debut for the SAFC Blog flag
Oxford one of the few clubs who don’t get all jobsworth re: larger flags. This 12X6ft beauty will be making its debut on Tuesday night.

SAFCBlog has made a promise to preview and review every game; as aforementioned- playing teams regularly makes it more difficult to maintain high brow cutting edge journalistic excellence? We played Oxford 3 times during the Jack Ross tenure, all 3 ended 1-1, (who’d have thought it?). Hopefully tomorrow will be different, (we win 5-0 nowadays!)

Like Sunderland, Oxford is famous as a University town…..

Oxford United V Sunderland Preview

Their manager is Karl Robinson – which ever way you dress it up, he behaved like a complete prick at the SOL in August?

Oxford United V Sunderland Preview
A) Less well dressed than Jack Ross?
B) Slightly less of a prick than Steve Evans?

Oxford actually won the League Cup in the 80’s, beating QPR, (fucking hell, bet the sponsors were delighted with that final?.. like a televised darts match finishing on Double 1?)

I’d predicted Oxford would finish 13th this season, realistically they are better than that? They looked decent at the SOL,and after a few dodgy results early doors they’ve been flying! They won 6-0 at Lincoln, (no big deal – Lincoln are shit).

Fucking miles away – but SAFCBlog will be there…. see you there.

Next Friday, SAFCBlog will start taking orders for its 2020 calendar, details to follow any requests as regards what pictures to include, contact the media team at safcblog01@gmail.com. Got January sorted, but got no further than that…..

January 2020…..
So Anna, how do you get into those trousers?????”


IN PHIL WE TRUST… THE FUTURES BRIGHT, THE FUTURES PARKINSOhttps://safcblog.com/phil-parkinson-is-the-new-sunderland-manager/N

Match report online the day after the game.

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