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SAFCBlog #1075 – Nowt Much Happening

The weather is good, summer is good, no football is shite. It feels like an age since we got humped at Luton, it also feels like an age til we start the new season. Transfers Lots of shoddy, lazy journalism…

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The Championship Next Season

“Must be August soon?” Long Summer Ha’way SKY please stop this, please. Luton Town Yes they have a shit ground, (not relevant though), well done to them on getting promoted. A lot of people, (myself included), questioned their footballing technique,…

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SAFCBlog Not Wembley Eve

Tomorrow Coventry play Luton, I’m really not arsed who wins, I’d probably edge towards Luton just for the fume at how shit their ground is and Coventry fans are worse than Luton- but not bothered. I expect Coventry to win,…

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SAFCBlog #1045 – Close Season Boredom #1

Summer Whilst no football is a bit shite, I’m a big fan of sunshine, it’ll be August before we know it. Whilst the SAFCBlog Digital Graphics Department, (well Adam), has its finger on the pulse, whoever thought of this simple…

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Game 48/48, Luton 2 vs SAFC 0

We’ve done remarkably well to get this far, I was sick with nerves yesterday, the feeling of it being a free hit vs Preston was no more, I was now desperate to secure a weekend in London, I thought we’d…

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SAFC 2 vs LTFC 1, Half Time

Another Great Day This season has been fantastic, Monday was amazing, today was another great day. Luton finished 3rd and haven’t lost since December, they are no mugs, we are better away from from home, I always felt that yesterday…

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SAFCBlog #1051, 48 hours on and still giddy

Imagine winning the biggest game of your life and being handed a can of Budweiser, (pish)? A short week Very, very soon Short Week 1 vs Long Week 0 Last week was murder, felt like it would never end? Sat…

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PNE 0 vs SAFC 3, the very, very best of days

Yesterday was a wonderful day, it’s often cited that hope hurts more than expectation, I’m not so sure? Last year we were desperate to go up, yesterday I was fairly chilled, whatever happened we’d had a wonderful season, the hope…

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SAFCBlog Highlighter Pen Saturday SPZL

Coronation Saturday Not my bag, but as always, watch / don’t watch, bizarre how bothered some folk are about folk watching Good to see Ant or Dec, absolutely off his tits at 11am on a Saturday morning, (hopefully he’s not…

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Game #46/46, (46/48-49?), Preston Preview

Game 46 on Monday, this time last year I was hoping to go up, in July I was hoping to stay up, whatever happens on Monday it’s been a brilliant season, I’ve enjoyed the ride. The last 7 seasons or…

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