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Luton Town away in preview

Previous visits Doesn’t feel like I’ve been there a right lot? Famous people from Luton…. Bumper crop; Celebrity racist Tommy Robinson Serial Killer Charles Bronson Someone who won Bake Off, (shit tv show watched by cranks) Cover version knobber Paul…

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The season so far, #3/10

Just as I was thinking I’d struggle for any cutting edge content this week, I remembered that every 5 games I analyse the season so far, (5,10,15,20 etc), we’ve played 16 games now, I can’t believe anyone didn’t email me…

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SAFC 2 vs Burnley 4, a very, very brief review…(**)

Game of 2 halves…. Real cliche…. but for what seems like the 5th game in row, it was exactly that? The 1st half was beautiful…. it then went seriously downhill…. the 2nd half was at best catastrophic? 1st half….. We…

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Burnley Preview

Are Burnley any good? They were top of the league last week, but the table and results each matchday show just how mad this division is, no one who saw QPR at the SOL in August could possibly have thought…

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SAFCBlog #946, BRFC 2 vs SAFC 0

Wasn’t to be last night, referees have been in the spotlight even more than ever of late, last night we had a Premiership referee, we lost by 2 goals, the 1st from a breakaway after he failed to give a…

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Blackburn Away Preview

Big game tomorrow, after a few long trips already this season, tomorrow sees the first of 5 North West trips this season. I appreciate it’s a long way from Sunderland, but anything in the North West is a piece of…

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SAFC 2 vs WAFC 1, a brief review…..(*)

(*) Not so brief review…. I was absolutely shattered and fell asleep early last night writing this and can’t be arsed to start again, (miraculously no remotes were eaten✅). 1st Half It was fairly shite, Wigan were poor too, but…

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SAFCBlog Friday Feedback SPZL

Feedback…. I write this shite primarily because I enjoy doing it, edition #941 of SAFCBlog today, I’m going sack it off at 1000 and focus on/hopefully finish writing a book. The high excitement of recent gifts aside, I’d lying if…

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SAFC vs Wigan Athletic Preview

Wigan on Saturday SAFCBlog is on Annual Leave on Thursday and Friday, so going early with the Wigan Preview. They beat Blackburn last night, they are fairly typical of the much discussed chaotic nature of this league, Saturday is a…

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Are Wigan any good?

I quite like their manager, but he’s had a shocker here? Ex players…. I’m only really arsed about Sunderland players, Nathan Broadhead contributed a huge amount to our promotion last season, Max Power is an average player who always tried…

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