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SAFCBLOG #1028, Nowt Happening SPZL

It’s a long week without a midweek game, coming off the back of 3 games in 6 days, a two week break seems like an age? It’s only 8 sleeps til Burnley, (can’t fucking wait, borderline giddy), and then we…

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SAFCBlog #1026, Sunday SPZL

No game for almost 2 weeks, (probably not a bad thing?), we were ok yesterday, Luton we’re no better than us. I’d have taken mid table in August, but we were right in the mix when we beat Boro? Whilst…

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SAFC 1 vs Luton 1

Match Preview Busy as fuck yesterday, so didn’t get round to previewing the match. We drew against them twice under Jack Ross, (1-1????), we drew 1-1 down there in September, probably a fair result? Luton…. It’s an absolute shithole, famous…

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SAFC 1 vs SUFC 2

Great day at Norwich, I really, really fancied us last night, it wasn’t to be. The Match 0-35 minutes, they were the better side, It’s very rare that a team looks better in possession than us, Sheff Utd moved the…

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SAFCBlog #1023, Sheff Utd Preview

We have a tough run of fixtures, our next three games are vs 2nd, 4th & 1st, but this division is crackers, I thought we’d get hammered on Sunday, we didn’t we won. Two home games in 4 days, bring…

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Norwich 0 vs Sunderland 1

I thought we’d lose heavily yesterday, we won the game, football is a beautiful game Travel Logistics Norwich as a nightmare of a journey, a noon kick off doesn’t help, thankfully SAFCBlog is a specialist in travel logistics. Few long…

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SAFCBlog #1021 – Norwich Away Preview

Norwich is along way, it’s the same distance regardless of the kick off time, but noon on a Sunday is a pisstake? At least we don’t have a midweek defeat to attend? Just like we always seemed to play Palace…

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SAFC 1 vs Stoke City 5, Absolute Fucking Nightmare

The game…. 0-1, 0-2, 0-3, 1-3, 1-4, 1-5 Utterly incompetent referee, we lost the game because we were shit, that shouldn’t retract from possibly the worst refereeing ever seen in the 1st half, pathetic Alex Neil The next 4 games…

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SAFCBlog – Stoke City Preview

Alex Neil Alex Neil did well for us, he got us promoted, he was the architect of that wonderful day at Wembley when we all started to fall in love❤️. His last game was the victory at Stoke in September,…

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SAFCBlog #1018, Coventry 2 vs SAFC 1

Early kick off, crap result, realistically this isn’t worth reading tonight? Journey 8am start, had 2 people, (idiots), on photo duty, neither delivered The Match On Tuesday night we bossed possession and out passed an average team, we conceded soft…

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