Papa John’s Pizza Pointless Pandemic Port Vale Preview……

2 more sleeps til the Big One

It feels like football is in limbo a bit? As a club the feeling is similar, (more of that later), if playing League games feels a bit futile, this really does feel like a waste of time. I always want us to win whenever we play, but there’s a case for not advancing in this competition. Whilst it’s good for the smaller clubs to get to Wembley, two of these such clubs, (Salford and Portsmouth), are still to play last seasons final, which bizarrely means we are still Joint Holders of the Trophy, following our 2-2 draw with Portsmouth at Wembley in 2019.

The game being fairly irrelevant actually fits in quite well with the ethos of SAFCBlog, I’ll pay my £10 to watch and write a report, whilst this is not overly appealing, it’s probably better than a 190 mile round trip to watch the game in a near empty stadium – but that’s just what we do!

The Magic of the Cup, (Papa John’s Pizza Trophy Northern Section)

Port Vale FC…..

Based in Burlsem, they don’t like Crewe and they hate Stoke. We played them a few years ago in the FA Cup, prior to that it was last century when we last played.

Vale Park – not for the faint hearted

Are they any good?

They are mid table in the division below us, although we’ve already lost to Mansfield Town at home this season. They hammered Grimsby yesterday, although Grimsby must be one of the teams hoping for an annulment of the season as they are in absolute free-fall. I suspect they are about as not-arsed about the game as we are, with this in mind, you’d have to think our squad players won’t be as bad as theirs?

SAFCBlog Predicts….. SAFC 2 vs PVFC 1

Burslem….. ST6…… 53.0457°N,2.1967°W

Some famous folk from Burslem;

Robbie Williams, famous for being the fat dancer from Take That, (effectively a poor mans Bez), Lemmy, Legendary frontman of Motörhead.

Let’s Play Darts!!!”

Football is the best sport, followed by golf, followed by Darts. It can be argued that Darts isn’t a sport, my general rule of thumb is that, if you don’t need to change your shoes, it’s not a sport., so Snooker isn’t, but badminton is etc. Whilst Snooker, Chess and Formula 1 can’t be classed as sport, an exception has to made for Darts, because it’s brilliant, absolutely brilliant. The best player to ever grace the 3rd best sport is Phil, (The Power), Taylor, who is not only from Burslem, but is also a Port Vale fan.

He’s got the Power – The Best of the Best

New Signing, Welcome to Sunderland…..

Karl Winchester……

…….Winchester, “welcome to Wonderland Karl”

“SAFC at a crossroads”

As alluded to at the start of this post, it feels like football is in limbo, and it very much feels like SAFC are in Limbo……

  • Is the season going to end?
  • New owners incoming
  • New gaffer

I’m pretty sure things are going to get better, just not sure when this will be allowed to happen? Sky showed a graphic of the players out of contract at the end of this campaign. I’m fond of some of our players, I appreciate the effort they put in……but…..

….. why would we worry about this? Ultimately we are failing in League 1 for the 3rd consecutive season. Only O’Nien and maybe Hume would realistically command a transfer fee? It pissed me off that Parkinson was hung out to dry for the lack of quality in our squad. Lee will know that we are ordinary, in fact very, very ordinary.

We’re definitely in a state of limbo, I can’t wait for a much needed Brand New Start. FTM

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