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Normally have my tea at 6.30pm, (weekdays), but these are unprecedented times, so we all have to be flexible I guess?

I want us to win every time we play, realistically this is not a particularly exciting prospect, but it will go down in the Annals of Time as a SAFC 1st Team fixture, so bring it on! The Associate Members Cup began in 1983-84, the year after it was The Freight Rover Trophy, it’s been all sorts since….. Sherpa Van Trophy, Leyland DAF Cup, Autoglass Trophy, Auto Windscreens Shield, LDV Vans Trophy, Johnstone’s Paint Trophy, Checkatrade Trophy, Trophy….. and currently The Papa John’s Trophy.

Papa don’t preach, I’m in trouble deep…….. Stuck in a Division three……Papa don’t preach, I’ve been losing sleep……I’m losing my mind……daddy, daddy if you could only see….. how fucking shit it is in Division three…….but I’ve made up my mind, I’m gonna watch the match…….Papa don’t preach”

Whilst I don’t think this song was directly about pizza or lower league football, hats off to Madge, times not been kind to her, that said she could never hold a candle to the Real Madge….

SAFCBlog favourite and former SAFCBlog International Rear of the Year winner Madge Bishop

Before starring in Neighbours she melted our hearts on the fantastic Prisoner Cell Block H

There’s channels on my TV I’ll never even watch, back in the day we had just the 3, by 11pm on a Monday night, the choices were, BBC 1, finished, (Ceefax), BBC 2, The Sky at Night, ITV, PCBH…..

No one, (and I mean NO ONE), fucks with Bea Smith
Whilst Vera ‘Vinegar Tits’ Bennett was the stuff of nightmares…… the gorgeous Meg Jackson was the complete opposite
Ceefax – not brilliant, but better than its predecessor…..The Dot?

Tonight’s Game……

Back to the matter in hand, as mentioned earlier, we may as well win? You’d have to think we probably will win, although I guess if they play their 1st team we might not win? I’ve got no idea who’ll play for us, I’m sure we’ll see loads of changes – I’d like to see Dan Neil, Josh Hawkes and Mitch Curry given a chance. Given we had COVID the other week and we’re on our 2nd gaffer of the season, I feel like I’ve seen most of our squad, we are ordinary, you’d have to think that anyone who plays tonight has a chance to stake a claim for a first team place, on the basis that the 11 representing the 1st team haven’t been particularly good this season.

Clean slate, opportunity knocks etc…..hopefully a few of the U23s get the chance tonight. The only thing that really concerns me about this list of players out of contract, is I hadn’t realised we had Will Grigg for another season!

Tonight’s Teamsheet…….

Strong team, good to see Willis back alongside Wright, they were great last season…. Wright hasn’t been anywhere near as good this term, hopefully they can resume what they built last season.

6pm GAME ON…..

Given the strong team, I’m amending my 2-1 prediction to 3-0

I read on Twitter that we sacked the Kit-man, have we sacked the Groundsman too?

Coat, (models own), by Jewson at Sports Direct, pitch by Massey Ferguson

30 minutes ….. we have played well, 1-0 up, lovely finish from O’Brien. Whilst we’ve been decent, Port Vale are absolute garbage

40 minutes.….

it’s like….. Men against ..errrr Shitter at football men?

HALF TIME…… we’ve not been good for a while, so it’s not that often we completely dominate. Tranmere and Rochdale at the SOL were woeful last season, Port Vale are a bad as I’ve seen since then.

2nd HALF…….

60 minutes……

Totally in control – just need to put this to bed lads!

80 minutes…… totally in control still, 9 subs this half, (that’s 4.5 minutes added on according to the rules?). 15 corners and plenty of free kicks so far, there must be someone in the squad who isn’t completely useless at set pieces?

96 minutes…… Jack Diamond fouled for a penalty….. last kick of the game, McGeady makes it 2-0

We looked decent, Port Vale absolutely terrible…. onto AFC Wimbledon we go

Regardless of the opposition, the competition, it being cold etc, how amazingly good would it have been to be allowed to go to the match tonight? It’s the type of fixture we used to take for granted……… But that was on the outside…..and things were different then?


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