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An important part of Cutting Edge Social Media is to be relevant. The best way to do this is to offer article titles that will be often searched for on Google etc… alternatively, if you don’t give a shit about hits, likes, retweets, follows etc, just make up whatever title you like.

The lights are on…… but no fuckers allowed in!

It’s going to be ages til we can enjoy Matchday again? The Rules remain a bit confusing …. it’s not ok to go and feed the ducks with your neighbours, but it is ok for a load of knobbers in tweed shooting suits to blast ducks out of the air with lead in the name of sport? Worlds gone mad?

A French duck yesterday- Canard you say? Aye is a right bastard of a language to master….

SAFC vs PUFC @3pm Saturday

They are a decent side, they’d have been in the play offs last season, but the EFL and Wycombe decided the fairest way to complete a Season was to not bother to complete it.

They hammered us at their gaff last season, but the men who did the damage are gone…. Ivan Toney sold to Brentford and Maddison sent to Coventry, (metaphorically not City). Can’t be arsed to check, but I’ll assume Darren Ferguson is their manager?

Since we elected to join the 3rd tier we are yet to beat them, so expecting a tough game. It’s a great away day, (those were the days), hopefully one day such merriment will recommence! It’s a weird place, but a great place to get completely Ant McPartlined. Whilst from Leeds United originally, Jimmy Savile is an adopted son of Peterborough…..

That aged well?….

Peterborough is also famous for coming 2nd in the SAFCBlog Away Pub of the Year awards of 2018/19,…..

Charters Bar, Peterborough
…..2nd only to The Blue Boar, Southend
SAFCBlog – Unsocial Swedish Stepladder Social Swedish Media – FTM

So Boris……. we wanted to be free and get loaded❌

We want to ‘be free to do what we want in any old town?❌’

So not free then……❌

Come 3pm Saturday…… there really is only 1 place I want to be

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