Peterborough Away Preview 31.08.19

Sunderland v Peterborough Review

5 months in…. not a great deal achieved, but plenty of laughs along the way…. this is the 100th SAFCBlog post. Thanks to Roger from Durham for his email, I am able to confirm, I genuinely don’t have anything better to do with my time!. Colin Greenwood MBE, has once again been in touch, in the event of deciding to pursue the life choice you allude to, I’ll be in touch; in the meantime, leave me alone you fucking crank!

Saturday has all the ingredients to be a decent match? Prior to looking at the game, it’s appropriate to cast our minds back to last season…. 2 draws, (who’d have thought it??)…. but so many unresolved issues from 2018/19

  • Drew 2-2 at SOL, would have won but for a display of petulance from Oviedo who was deservedly red carded.
  • Drew 1-1 at London Road, (must be a long road?), we played great and were a minute or so away from the win that would probably have seen us promoted?
  • They are the only club to sell kebabs in the Away end, (?). The guest bloggers last year managed to get so pissed they forgot to eat!

Other issues to be resolved….

Is Jocky Wilson still waiting for the 180 bus to Thurrock?
Does this man live in this van?

Looking forward rather than back, Peterborough is a great place to visit; given the demise of our London trips, Peterborough is as about as exciting as it gets? Driven to loads of games lately….. no such issues this coming Saturday, with the Beer Express due for an 11.34am arrival in Peterborough.

In the event of the sun shining…….
….. Peterborough is a great place for an Away day

Peterborough is a vibrant town….

The locals

Lots of famous folk from Peterborough…. the town is proud to be associated with Fundraiser Supreme, SIR JIMMY SAVILE…..

And the BBC Have the nerve to suggest, not having a tv licence is an offence?????

So far this season, Peterborough are a bit hit and miss…. they are yet to win at home, but were hugely impressive winning 4-0 at MK Ltd last time out.

Whilst it looks like we dodged a bullet signing Marquis…. there’s little doubt that Marcus Maddison is the 2nd best player in this league after McGeady?

A bit like assuming Martin Allen is the Barnet manager, if in doubt… just assume Darren Ferguson is the Posh boss, (with some sort of input from Barry Fry)

Expecting a tough game.,.,,,