Peterborough v Sunderland preview

Sunderland fans at Peterborough

Like Doncaster, Peterborough is famous for having a train station on the same line as Edinburgh, York and London North.

We drew 2-2 in October and they looked half decent – they then lost 4-0 four days later! Since sacking the fat car salesman type they seem to have struggled.

The town has a nickname of “The Posh” – ironic really as it’s a bit of a shit hole! In 2019 Peterborough was crowned the “worst place to live in the UK”

shit hole

Peterborough was also acknowledged in 2019 as a haven for fly tipping

A pile of rubbish

Peterborough mourned the death of Sir Jimmy Savile in 2011, (he lived in Peterborough for many years)

View from the Palace

“Peterborough Today” paid their tributes…..

Fucking hell – that aged well? “Came in????? “

Famous folk from Peterborough include serial killer Joanna Dennehy and frontman of Erasure Andy Bell.


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