Peterborough v Sunderland review

Mackem Jeans

Peterborough v Sunderland Review

Huge thanks to Guest Reviewer in my absence today…..

Warning to everyone, don’t have kids it stops you going to bank holiday away days.

Absent are the bean counter and #oneoftheidiotsinthefront who is away dogging in Spain.

Reporting duties are in the capable hands of myself (#theotheridiotinthefront) and the Filth Officer (no kids). So, a guest blog post, no pressure but to be fair the blogs been a pile of shite so far.

10 am train from York, first class. For any Pompey fans confused by the term “first class” its something you get to do when your a massive club. 13,000 Sunderland get on at York, joining the 156,000 already aboard.

A busy train

York a proper station

Proper station

Sunderland Peterborough preview

Pretty average station

Arrive at Peterborough station ahead of the Sunderland match

Stroke of luck being on a straight line between capital of Scotchland and London?

Scorcher in Petereborough

Peterborough is famed for its tower, ballroom and great beaches and it doesn’t let us down, its a scorcer. We head through town to the beach and the Boat Bar. Theres a few odd un’s about but being Easter its good to see Jesus is out with his mam and off to get a burger.

Easter in Petreborough

“”Just get me a salad Mary, felt like death since Friday”

John Lewis Peterborough

Some locals

ARrriving at the ground for Sunderland Peterborough

“No of course I don’t live in this Wan!!”

Jockie Wilson at Sunderland v Peterborough

Jocky Wilson waiting for the 180 bus to Aldi

Decent following of Sunderland fans

Heaving at the Boat Bar, massive club Sunderland

Sunderland v Peterborough Review

Sun and Beer

Sunderland fans at Peterborough

“Premiership Fans”

Mackem Jeans

“Vanarama Conference North Jeans!!!!”

A few beers on the boat and then a Bumble around town to find the appropriately named Bumble Inn.

Bumble Inn Peterborough

Noteworthy for its toilet being twinned with this shithole in Guatamala, triplet toilet would be the previously featured kazi on the A19.

Bumble Inn Peterborough

Peterborough v Sunderland match review

Head to the match 

HT 0 – 0  could have been 0 – 7 Peterboro stayed in their own half for 45 minutes to keep in the shade (36 degrees)

FT 1 – 1 

Peterborough v Sunderland review
Wasn’t to be

Not over yet, think there’ll be a few twists still to come.


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