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Phil Parkinson

phil Parkinson Sunderland Manager – the futures bright the futures Phil

It’s no secret that Phil Parkinson was the preferred choice of SAFCBlog for the biggest job in European, (domestic), football, once Jack departed. The fact we are in league 1 is an absolute nightmare…. but we are. Parkinson has a proven record at this level, he desperately wanted the job and idealistic as it may sound… he just seems like a proper good bloke? I was genuinely worried that we’d appoint on sentiment, (Super Kev), or replicate Jack Ross, (Ainsworth – just as the Scotch league to Sunderland was Probably too bigger jump…. Wycombe and Sunderland are two very, very different clubs?), or even appoint a nutter like DiCanio, (Pearson). Yes…. we are a ‘massive club‘ off the pitch……sadly on the pitch, we have for some time been ‘shite’. It’s not where you’re from….. it’s where you’re at?  Yes….. Big Sam would obviously have made us loads better quickly? But it wasn’t happening!! I’d probably have Anna Friel nagging me for a date if I was a movie star? ( – I’m happy to travel Anna).  I’m sure the clientele at The Cockwell Inn, HG2, would rather be at Betty’s listening to a piano, rather than listening to the idiot owner talking manshite – knowing where you’re at in life, (regardless of where you are from, or have been), is hugely important. So, we’re from…….. A huge club with superb infrastructure! But, we’re at ……. Getting outplayed and out fought by Lincoln City. SAFCBlog has on occasions been critical of our current owners, well….. fair dos, you got this one right SD, moving forward, I’m ok if you want to put my bins out. Sunderland AFC


Phil Parkinson Sunderland AFC

Phil Parkinson is categorically the best man for the job.  I know everyone will, buts let get right behind him….. “the magic hasn’t gone anywhere, it’s just needs rediscovering….Phil….. Think of SAFC as like finding a masterpiece in your basement, but it’s covered in dust and a bit fucked….. but it’s still a masterpiece nonetheless – suspect you’re reading the blog now, (Jack Ross fucking loved reading it**)…. let’s smash this league pal…..” **(no actual evidence of this) Phil Parkinson Sunderland Manager

Phil Parkinson Sunderland AFC

“Show a little faith, there’s magic in the night, You ain’t a beauty, but, hey you’re alright Oh, and that’s alright with me” So, in my humble opinion, with Phil Parkinson Sunderland is a safe pair of hands….. which is a great start….. good luck Phil. FTM…. IN PHIL WE TRUST LET’S DANCE! Whilst Phil could do with some new clobber, his appointment excites SAFCBlog greatly…. he could be just what we needed?…… SAFCBlog 5 hours ago RT @ShaunSAFCBLOG: SAFCBlog never fancied these southern jobbers…. … Read More SAFCBlog 9 hours ago SAFCBlog never fancied these southern jobbers…. … Read More SAFCBlog 9 hours ago Resigned a while ago – whys he in the radio talking SAFC? #SAFC … Read More

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