Plymouth at Home in Preview……

Optimism is normally met with disappointment when it comes to SAFC, but I’m hugely confident that we will beat these tomorrow night. It’s almost 2 years since they came to the SOL and we won 2-0, this match was notable as it was the last SAFC home match not covered by the, (average at best),

Same again tomorrow please lads……

Not only is Plymouth a long way from Sunderland, it’s a long way from everywhere. Sunderland as a footballing city is out on a limb and rarely have local games, (think compared to Gtr Mcr, Yorkshire, Midlands, London clubs), Argyle fans are faced with an even more arduous travel schedule, to their credit, their away support is remarkable in terms of numbers.

Without simplifying Domestic Geography, I live in The North, to drive south I go to Wetherby and head down the A1 or M1 to The South. Plymouth is as Wide as it is South, it’s easy to forget how wide England is at the bottom. Two appropriate case studies that prove the deceptive width of the South coast are as follows;

  • The Portsmouth Play off game was on a Thursday night, (cheers SKY), based on this I decided to drive, whilst I should know better than to listen to him…. the idiot I picked up in Wetherby wisely said, “just head South for a few hours and then we’ll put the sat nav on…..”. There can’t be many people who’ve travelled from Wetherby to Portsmouth, (direct), and used the M25?
  • Whilst living in London, Plymouth was identified as a local game as its down south…..
London to Plymouth, both down south but not close together.

Whilst not exactly on a par with Bruce Willis seeing Dead People, one of my main life skills is I am a Human Compass; looking at this screen, North would be the top, East the right and so on…. although as I sit, I know that North is to my right, south to my left and so on…..

Conclusive proof

Regardless of where I’m sat I can adjust, it is literally like a 6th sense, whilst it could be argued that this is of no use, it can only stand me in good stead for when we are competing in the Champions League in a few years time? It never ceases to amaze me that fellow passengers in a car are unable to know which direction the car is travelling.

Plymouth, PL1, 50.3755°N,4.1427°W

The Hoe, Plymouth – lovely
Weather info

Plymouth Argyle FC

Are they any good? They don’t seem to be particularly good, but that’s not the end of the world in this division where it seems pretty much every team has the ability to be absolutely shite on occasions. They were denied a win on Saturday by a late Crewe equaliser. Given that some teams have missed a lot of football, rather than look at the league table, (which is folly given games in hand), SAFCBlog has decided to look at the Points Per Game Index, instead of the table moving forwards. PAFC have played 22 games and have 27 points, giving them a PPGI of 1.23, compared to our current PPGI of 1.65. I’ve not quite finished the SAFCBlog PPGI Graph yet, but in basic terms a PPGI differential of >0.24 suggests a win for the higher placed PPGI team, whereas a PPGI differential of >0.40 suggests a win by two or more goals. I’ll produce a full table and graph shortly, but given our PPGI differential of 0.42, we should fucking hammer them! In conjunction with science, SAFBlog predicts SAFC 3 vs PAFC 0

Famous Folk From Plymouth……

It’s very rare we play a team that SAFCBlog has not covered, Plymouth are one of these teams, so without any fear of repetition, it is appropriate to look at famous people from the City.

Madcap politician Micheal Foot was from Plymouth, swimmer Sharron Davies and Sir Francis Drake also hail from Plymouth. Jumping in swimming pools is good fun, even in sunny climes the first dip in the pool feels cold, my advice is just jump in, it’s definitely the way forward, if you can also make a living out of it as Plymouth’s very own Tom Daley has done, that’s a bonus. Whilst Yorkshire’s very own Christine Talbot is the best newsreader, ex BBC Newsreader and SAFCBlog favourite Angela Rippon is from Plymouth

Angela Rippon – Lovely

Wayne Sleep is from the city, he famously reportedly danced with Princess Diana to Updown Girl on the stage of an empty theatre

“No Sleep til Windsor”…… all smiles
“Dance? Errr no love, I do Ballet not Dressage”

The Match….

I’m really looking forward to it, I’m confident. Win, lose or draw 1-1, SAFCBlog will publish a match report as the final whistle blows tomorrow night.


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