Plymouth, (H)…. Reprise, Revisited, Encore, More….

The Internet is a global carry on, feedback is a positive, SAFCBlog is perhaps read from Costa Rica to Cape Town….. anyway a Pompey fan from Cramlington was kind enough to point out a glaring omission in the Plymouth Preview…… it turns out that Trevor Francis hailed from Plymouth.

Brian Clough Tracksuits from a mush in Shepherds Bush……..

Ordinarily on the odd occasion SAFCBlog receives an email, I just ignore it, but…… Tricky Trev is a different level. I was born in 1971, I have absolutely no recollection of the 1978 World Cup, none whatsoever, my dad was proudly Scotch and my older brother remembers it well, I literally have no recollection. But ….. May 1979, when Francis headed the goal to win the European Cup for Forest, I remember it vividly…..

Remember it like yesterday…… great header and then landed on the biggest manhole cover ever

30th May 1979…….. not quite old enough to appreciate her beauty but, Sunday Girl by Blondie topped the Hit Parade…..

“Cold as ice cream….. but just as sweet”


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