PNE 0 vs SAFC 3, the very, very best of days

Yesterday was a wonderful day, it’s often cited that hope hurts more than expectation, I’m not so sure? Last year we were desperate to go up, yesterday I was fairly chilled, whatever happened we’d had a wonderful season, the hope of yesterday felt much less stressful than the expectation of this time last year. After all, with 6 games to go our race was run, I was just happy to be so happy with everything that had happened this season….

6 points adrift and a game more played

SAFCBlog is now in its 5th year, up til about 12 months ago, things had been mostly shit on the pitch, so I could just about match this standard in my articles. Even if this Blog was any good, there’s nothing I could write that would even come close to describing how good yesterday was, I’m somewhat giddy about the future, but yesterday was just about the perfect day?


Anyone reading this will have had a great day yesterday, there’s little point in elaborating too much on how good my day was, I’m sure everyone enjoyed it in their own way.

Pre match

Local game for me, forgot to take any photos on the way over, few pints in town with The Tik Tok King of Borehamwood

I’d be holding 20% back til they come and do the snagging on that roof?

1st Half

Game on – Expectation 0 vs Hope 1

Summary- Not great – not going up

Both teams miss a guilt edged 1 on 1 chance

Has there ever been a wetter season?

2nd Half

Summary – Great – going up

Everyone will have seen the game, we were wonderful, these young men are fearless, we play great football and we score great goals. I feel more connected with this manager and group of players than I ever had, the desire and passion is unbelievable. I’m lucky enough to attend all our games, the connection at the end of Norwich with the team was amazing, at WBA it was even better, yesterday it was something I’ll never ever forget – I fucking love this group of players

He might not have the length or girth of Amad, but Pritchard’s shorts tell their own story here?

Man of the match

Pierre Ekwah 100%

I was critical of him in his first two games, I’m sorry Pierre

Amad Diallo

He has magic in his boots, he will go on to have a wonderful career and probably captain some country in Africa, thankyou Amad, we will read / hear in the future how much this club has got under his skin

Tony Mowbray

I was ok with his appointment, as I felt he would steady the ship and see us to survival. I was wrong xx I love you Tony xxx

Body warmer 1 vs Survival 0, (Mrs M, 66)

Going Up?

Why not? Even if we draw on Saturday, we can go to Luton and get the job done, it’s been the very best of seasons

Alex Neil Picture SPZL

SAFCBlog 2 Song SPZL

Take your pick – FTM

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