Post Sunday….

We’ve had the Wembley Lows, feels a bit strange to have experienced the Wembley Highs….I’ve been to Wembley to watch Sunderland a lot of times, prior to Saturday victory was an alien concept. I’ve always thought on TV that seeing the winning fans still in the ground 30 minutes after the game was a bit tinpot, (just leave, beat the queues, go for a pint/kebab etc?). Winning a Wembley is rather fucking good, it’s different than normal…..

“5.14pm??? Game finished 26 minutes ago…..”


It was class, saw so many pals, had so many laughs, its 100% my choice to be emotionally invested SAFC, but Saturday was just the very, very best of days.

Division 3…..

It would be a laugh for 1 season, 4 seasons was too long….

Division 3….. time to look forward, but this can never, never, never, ever happen to SAFC again!

Huge weekend…..

No overthinking in this pic 🌎

The implications for our club were we to lose on Saturday, were almost unthinkable? No need to do said thinking now👍

Blogging a dead cause…..

Long close season ahead, cutting edge article tomorrow….. THE CHAMPIONSHIP….. SCENARIOS A,B,C & D

How High? …… let’s see

6 thoughts on “Post Sunday….

  1. I’m still on cloud 9 mate, the while weekend was special, spent time with my mates in Basingstoke Friday night, met loads of mates at Wembley, finally met you, Jeff and Gaz. The whole thing feels a bit surreal. Fantastically surreal. FTM

        1. 51 years old mate, one of the best days ever! For my 12 yo, undoubtedly the best day ever! Great to meet you and bring the sticks north soon!

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