Pre season vs SC Heerenveen Match preview

Sat 27 July @ 7pm pre season Sunderland vs SC Heerenveen

The date had been put aside for Cattermole’s testimonial! Fair dos to Lee; we’ve had some really gutless shithouses at at club of late. Cattermole has always put 100% in. He’s been one of our better players most seasons, but it’s all relative and a pretty low bar. In summary….. decent attitude, decent player, in a load of shit teams….. (I’ve no problem if you’d like to use that for the text on the back of your autobiography Lee? Just let the media team know at

The more astute SAFC fans will have noticed, that once again …. “the job seems to be fucked!”. From afar, (no claims to be ITK…. but…. they gambled on promotion? A sum of money was possibly moved from let’s say Company A, (SAFC), to for arguments sake, Company B, (not SAFC). ……… that’s ok I guess? Only like me transferring money from my SAFCBlog account to my Groceries account? ……. all totally hypothetical..but if someone approached me to buy SAFCBlog and I said, “you can have it for £6000”, and they said “that’s bollocks man ~ it’s only worth £5000 and the money the excellent blog has listed, has been distributed to your non SAFCBlog empire?”

Anyway….. enough of this hypothetical nonsense. Huge week at SAFCBlog…. video content on 6/8 decent games went down a storm. C. Greenwood of Whixley Grange said “I’ve been to the theatre ~I had a chocolate ice cream, I like being allowed out”. SAFCBlog loves to hear from readers, but moving forward, the warm comments re: the inaugural video link in the Blog is more what I’m aspiring to? D. Willoughby of Florida, France, South Africa and Favoured South Side of Harrogate said, “yo bro, your twistin’ My fucking melons man ~ this blog is bang on”

Onto the footie…..

7pm on a Saturday, (same day as Air Show). Should get 11’000 max? Like the idea of a home friendly? But a Dutch pub team this year and Dublin Celtics 2 years ago??? Why fucking bother?

Been to Holland loads. It’s decent, gene pool must be decent? Think Harrogate not Hartlepool… Windsor not Wakefield ….. Cheltenham not Carlise ……. England not Scotchland etc etc

Holland, like Ireland, (Eire), has another name…. ‘Dutchland’. No idea why? Nice place though ~ famous for being flat, bicycles, drugs, wooden shoes, darts players and cheese.

My money is on 1~1. But who cares?

Few pictures, and then I’ll crack on with the serious cutting edge journalism the next few nights….

Pre season vs SC Heerenveen
Dutch fans yesterday

An English female fan yesterday
Pre season vs SC Heerenveen
Pre season vs SC Heerenveen
“I’ve got cheese you mothafucker!!!!”
Marco Van Bastard was their manager 2012~2024
A graph vs their rivals.
Inside the stadium looks like a scotch SPL ground?
Pre season vs SC Heerenveen
Outside of stadium looks like a Budget Ibis Hotel?

As aforementioned, it’ll be 1~1.

I’ll still be in Portugal ~ guest blogger will cover