New Striker = promotion For Sunderland?

New Striker = promotion for Sunderland AFC

new Striker = Promotion For Sunderland?

We played well on Friday night, whilst walking back to the car … the verdict was, we need a striker. Football is a game of opinions, no guarantees etc…. but if we could add a man to get 12 goals in the last 20 games, we win the league?

SAFCBlog has been consistent in its opinion that SD is full of shit….. he apparently made the right noises about spending money, but reports of his lips moving have thrown scepticism on the situation?


What Strikers do Sunderland have?

Kyle Lafferty

A good addition, limited exposure as he’s on a short term deal, (editors note: our other signing has cost fuck all)

Charlie Wyke

He’s class and epitomises so much of our new found fitness, passion and aggression. I’m a huge fan and he contributes loads – I hope I’m wrong but I don’t see him scoring a boat load of goals? Possibly next season, but not this season. It’s testament to his heart and desire that he’s played so much football after coming back from injury.

“I’ve got a beard and a bag like you Charlie……” “Fuck of you cranky, scruffy idiot”
“What more…… in the name of love”

Duncan Watmore

Tough one this, when he burst onto the scene, his performances at Palace & Norwich away, along with Stoke at home, saw him pretty much secure us 9 premiership points on his own? 

He’s clearly a good lad, injuries have been  unkind to him. Prior to that lousy bastard from Leicester hacking him down, Duncan looked like an England player in the making? 

I’ll back anyone in red and white all day long, but we’re in the third tier and he now looks like a Labrador, (one of those brown ones that are too daft to be guide dogs), trapping a ballon…..over the years we’ve had some real shithouses stealing a wage, Duncan is the polar opposite – he’s a class act. I don’t want to see him go, maybe if we bring someone else in, it’ll give him some time and he can tear the championship apart when we start next season?

Benji Kimpioka

Benji looks the part, saved the day vs Coventry….. at best he needs a new watch, at worst he’s not what we need?

“Coventry away is now 12pm on a Sunday Benji……” “fuck that boss, I’ve got a headache”

Marc McNulty

Started the season well, then got a bit fat, looks a bit thinner now. He’s not the answer – Hibs bound?

Will Grigg

Oh my fucking days! 

Whilst we had our leg lifted on the price and Ross wasn’t overly keen. It looked like a class signing. SAFC Blog is reluctant to be critical of anyone in Red & White…… but Grigg has been absolutely shite. 

Charlie and Kyle won’t score 20 goals between them by May – but they have a heart and you can’t play football without a heart?  I’m loathe to be brutally honest about him, away from, (professional), blogging I work with people and their heads… I wish you well William, but it’s time to move on for the benefit of us all?

Grigg, (right) – consistently shite

What Do Sunderland need to win Promotion?

New Striker = promotion for Sunderland AFC
“Goals goals goals…… I’m lookin for a good time!”

It’s bizarre that some people still think that SD doesn’t talk utter shite? 

Burton accepted that Liam Boyce was on his way, he’s scored 14 goals already this season, he would have cost between £150k and £250k…… no guarantees but that was probably the perfect signing for a skint league 1 club, who have aspirations to go up?

This time last year Luton were nailed on, Barnsley then came good. The reality is, this year it’s there for the taking? We all know Maja wins us 2 of 3 tough away games in February? But he’s gone…… we are so close; we have the right management team, we are fit, we have heart, we have creativity, we have passion……we just need a few goals from somewhere?

Working on the basis that we can’t compete financially with some scotch jobbers who are propping up the SPL, where do we go from here? Wyke is decent, Lafferty is decent – we just need something different? I’m sure that Parky reads this blog, (thankfully Steve Parkin probably doesn’t – he doesn’t strike me as a man who is aware of what the internet is?)

“A computer you say? …… they’ll not have wifi where you’re going pal?”

Search for a striker….. the SAFC Blog verdict

OK………stick with this if you can…..

There’s less than a week to go in the window. Like so many other clubs we are in desperate need of someone to bag a dozen goals or so between now and May. If you can’t afford to take Anna Friel out…….

SAFCBlog favourite Anna Friel

For the purpose of high brow journalism- let’s think of Anna as Defoe….

So…. Anna’s not a realistic option, is their any point having a crack at Amanda Holden or the fatter one from Trinny and Susannah?

SAFC Blog says NO. We can’t afford what we want,so let’s not fuck about chasing what we don’t want?

There’s no point pretending there’s a decent transfer kitty. To be fair we are crippled by the wages of McGeady and Grigg. 

So what’s the plan? Fuck it …. let’s gamble? Think Vardy, think Trundle, think Kat Slater……


Sometimes it pays to gamble???


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