Redemption at Rochdale in Review…..

We didn’t play well on Saturday, Portsmouth are the best team we’ve faced and they did a pretty comprehensive job ob us. That’s history now, all about tonight now…….

Spotlight on Spotland……

We have 14 points from 7 games which is on track, we were the last team to lose in our league, so let’s stay positive. Another game we’re not allowed to go to, every game missed is sad, on a personal level, I love a trip to Rochdale, oh well, hopefully not next season?

All streams lead to Rochdale

Wrist we had 2 tough games at Rochdale in 2019, they were absolutely garbage at the SOL in January. They won’t be as bad tonight, but this has to be a hugely winnable game?

Pre teamsheet teamsheet thoughts….

Luke suspended so Flanagan will come in for him? As discussed Saturday we need something to change in midfield, if only because the midfield were smothered on Saturday and those who didn’t play should be considered? Personally I’d rest Power tonight. We will play one up front, it should and will be Charlie, more of a consideration is plan B, hopefully the bench will offer an alternative as opposed to more of the same, Kimpioka played yesterday in a 1pm kick off for the U23s, so will be tired, but it’s a night game so he should be able to get out of bed in time for this?

If Wkye scores tonight, it will be 5 consecutive scoring games, if it was anyone else our fans would be championing him for an England call up? Whilst the Bible isn’t my bag, (too far fetched), there were reports of Samson being more effective with a good head of hair, Charlie seems to substantiate this fairytale?

Charlie’s Photo Casebook…….

This time last year……. balding
“Tom, I don’t want it to look like a wasps nest, I just want it a bit thicker on top”
From ‘hairless squad player’ to ‘hirsute hero’……”it’s it’s lovely and soft too Charlie, what product do you use?”

I’ve been right behind Charlie for a while, here’s to  5 in a row tonight big man⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️. SAFCBlog has backed you to do the business tonight 

‘SKYBET request a bet…. a price on anything they claim…….” – the lousy bastards wouldn’t price this Wyke special up for me….
Over to you lads……

Countdown to kick off…..

Game on …..

Everyone else kicked off at 7pm for some reason, just realised I backed McLaughlin 1st goal when I meant to back Flanagan, perhaps it’s an omen? Their keeper is an 18 year old loanee, (albeit from Man City), let’s unsettle him early on if we can?

7.45pm…… and we’re off – smash these tonight!

Racism, like any prejudice or discrimination lacks class, is abhorrent and has no place in football or the wider scociety. We can learn through education. Serious question…….”is taking the knee here for ever now? It’s not a mandate, (but kind of is), is it achieving anything new? Genuine question”

13 mins…… Rochdale attempt to recreate our defencesive disasterclass that gifted Portsmouth their 2nd goal, but Maguire snatches at the half chance

15 mins……. 💥⚽️ BOOM ….. Cheers Charlie….. 1-0 SAFC

Saw this on Twitter 2 weeks ago, just felt worth a screenshot……..

25 minutes…… 1-1, at any level someone with a completely free header in the 6 yard box should score, even in the absence of a marker he managed to head it onto his own shoulder. Terrible goal to concede. 

30 minutes…… I don’t really do scapegoats, but Power is really, really struggling the last few weeks?

40 minutes…… 2-1, GET IN THERE!!!!! Always thought Bailey Wright had a goal in him. Let’s just get in at 2-1 now and the job is half done?

44 minutes…… 2-2, another shit goal to concede. Sometimes players just let you down, you can have all the best laid plans in the world, sometimes players just play shit. We have sufficient experience and quality on the pitch to deem the nature and timing of that goal as completely unacceptable?

2-2 at half time generally means….. a) a thriller or b) shit defending. Tonight is very much a B.



Not very good, but absolutely no reason not to still win this game?

2nd HALF………

We go again…….

60 minutes….. on top, but not great. Let’s not let this get to desperation stakes, let’s get ahead, (again), and just get out of here with the 3 points.

Chris Maguire…… when he’s on the pitch there’s always a chance he’ll do something good. He’s capable of the sublime – if ever there was proof why he’s playing at this level, this week has been it? Anonymous Saturday, really poor tonight…… doing it occasionally is difficult, doing it regularly is another level altogether?

75 minutes…. 1st half was poor, we’ve dominated the 2nd half, but lacking a cutting edge.

85 minutes…..  probably too late, but there’s only 1 team can win this? In a game that’s level, you wait for the golden opportunity……this falls to Denver Hume to tap home? John Denver would have done better?

88 minutes….. Max rattles the bar, it’s not going to happen tonight. 

Ultimately we gave away 2 soft goals and when we’ve had the chances towards the end we haven’t taken them. That’s not a recipe for winning games? No doubt the post mortem will be scathing, we really aren’t that bad – too many players making poor decisions and too many individual errors, but we aren’t a million miles off? Anyway, it’s a game of opinions, so I’ll leave the fallout to the rest of the www. Back with a preview of the Gillingham game over the next few days. Please try and Keep the Faith.

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