Retained, Released, Gone Back etc….

The weekend was perfect, going up in the Play Offs normally means you’ve not got long til the start of the next season….. it’s less than ever this time due to the Sportswashing World Cup. The club today announced we’d play 4 away friendlies, (at an educated guess York, Hartlepool, Ross County & South Shields), we also have 2 games in Portugal, (oh dear)….all tut tuts lead to the Stadio de Municipal Albuferia…..
Portugal again….. my wife, (not pictured), is over the fucking moon…..
Portugal in July – stay hydrated folks
Last time….. Jack Ross, (left), and a shite blogger, (right)🌎⚽️🔴⚪️


Peak blogging time, no games to attend, nowt on TV……todays proposed Championship A,B,C,D masterclass will be online this weekend⚽️
I’m OK with that…..
I’m OK with that….. 2 stand out for me….
  • Grigg = lazy….. generally I don’t subscribe to players not trying, but he really is one lazy fucker….
  • McGeady = contrary to popular social media opinion, the idea he is a legend is not for me…. Great talent, not a great pro….. game of opinions etc, sometimes it’s not who you know, it’s what you know? Given that short-armed prick and hid Eton Mess of a gobshite pal have backed away from the club, I’ve done a full season of SAFCBlog without threat of a Stadium Ban ….. McGeady > good footballer✅ > model pro❌>ask the playing squad….⚽️
  • Seems like we’ve signed Dajuku? His mum is fit and he was OK til he got bat flu…. I think he has a bit to offer
  • Broadhead gone back to Everton….. he could possibly do a job in the championship? But…… let’s not go all lovesick pony Borini…..if he wants to come that’s good, if not lets just move on
  • Doyle back to Man City, he’s never going to play for them….. at 17 after 15 games he looked like he may get an England Cap. By February Lee Johnson had the lad looking like he’d get a blue badge before he gets an England Cap?

Wearne and Harris showed promise, hopefully they can make their way at Harrogate, Carlisle, Hartlepool, Mansfield etc…..

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